Help for Vrindavan experience

Hare Krishna to all.

Pranam to all senior vaishnavas.

By the mercy of the Lord, I am getting the chance to visit Vrindavan second time for 5 days. I want some help.

Like some lila sthalis are close t each other while some are at distance places. The first time i went there i spent time mainly in nidhivan, imlitala, banke bihari mandir. If some one can give me the lila sthalis in a order which will be easier to visit. Like i know some of them are in walking distance whereas some are accessible by i chose an area and visit all place which are close.

Also i wish to spend some time in Barsana - any idea where to stay there....i have heard of Maanmandir also.... 

anyone who has practical visiting experience of Vrindavan and Barsana. please guide.

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  • Dean Prabhu, PAMHO. I found these quotes on the ISKCON desire tree pertaining to Vrndavana.

    Hari Bhakti Vilasa:
    "One who stays in the Mathura area, worships Govardhana and goes around it, he goes to the abode of Lord Sri Hari and stays there happily."

    Mahanidhi Swami:
    "If you are living in someone's house and crying, they are bound to ask you what is wrong. So Vrndavana is Radharani's land and if you cry sincerely, She is sure to reciprocate sooner or later."

    So Dean Prabhu, why do you question that our fellow devotee will gain anything from visiting Vrndavana just because you assume he will not associate with devotees there? And why tell Krishna Dasi to ask there instead of here? Why not ask here AND in when he arrives in Vrndavana? Surely we can help a little bit too.

    I've never been to Vrndavana, but Krishna Dasi, this following quote may interest you.

    Radhanath Swami said,
    "99% of our spiritual advancement depends on the quality of our chanting."

    NOT the location we are in, or the devotees we associate with, but just the quality of our chanting. So in the end, enjoy your visit to Vrndavana, and relish its living history, and do not worry so much about making it a perfect pilgrimage. Chant and be happy. This is my humble advice to you, O one who is named after my beloved Krishna.

    • Vrindhavan is not location on the map, Vrindhavan is there where someone carry Kirshna in the heart.

      Considering all that, only by association and mercy of those with deep love for Krishna, person can enter real Vrindhavan.

      Quality of chanting depends on association of such devotees, therefore even acarya cant avoid it if he wants progress.

    •  Hare Krishna Jake

      I agree on all the points that you have pointed out. :)

      I just prefer to react in an different way :)

      I have been to Vrindavan once more the last year and it was a wonderful experience - I just do not have the words to describe what we felt there.  We did not really hunt many places - instead we visited only a few places and preferred to meditate , chant and sing for the Lord of the Universe. 

      It was only Krishna's gift to us that we (four of us) actually sat on the place of Krishna Janmabhumi (it si a place with very high secutiry) and requested the guards to allow us to chant one round there. We were allowed. Apart from this, I got my Tulsi kanthi mala and Tulsi japa mala from the Nidhivan temple of Vrindavan. The temple priest had put both of them on the dieties of the temple and let them stay overnight with the Lord and Radharani. Both these experiences are a gift from Lord Krishna.

      • It is so good experience mataji

      • Wooow mataji too good..

  • Withhout association of saints who live on holy places, what benefit from pilgrimage someone can expect.

    Insted of asking here, you need to ask there on the spot.

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