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    Thank for your help. Okay I will hear.

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Hearing and Listening are very different, they are different words and have different meaning.  Hearing is just a involuntary function, it means that hearing simply happens. there is no information processing in the act of hearing.  But in Listening its a voluntary action. You consciously choose somethings to listen to. Brain processes the heard information and then makes or creates an image of it in the mind's eye. If I say Apple... mind has an ability to picture it.. its round. its sweet, its crunchy.. in on and so forth.

    If I say Rama and Krishna while singing or listening to kirtan how well are you picturizing or visualizing it matters.. many of us sing as its so tuney and so flowy...rhythmic.. and becoz it is nice to the ear....

    We tend to sing unconsciously or involuntarily. If you able to visualize Rama and Krishna while you listen it is really a great thing!!!!

    But then ALSO... IT IS OKAY.. If you are just doing it CONSCIOUSLY OR UNCONSCIOUSLY becoz the names of lord or Most Potent.. 

    ONE SAGE " Valmiki" instead of Saying Rama said Mara Mara Mara Mara Mara ...That also worked. Becoz Lord's name has so much potency.

    But If you are doing with awareness and with full consciousness esp. Krishna Consciousness then you must be able to visualize Lord and attach attributes of Lord to the name..

    ( oh the Lord who is bluish grey in color,... oh the lord who holds the bow ....oh the Lord who killed the Kaliyan.. oh He is the Lord who killed Mushtika and Chanura and Kansa.. oh he is the Lord who plays flute)... 

    If I am saying apple.. are you not thinking of red, round crunchy.. sweetish fruit.? then why not attach all the attributes of Lord to the names when you are listening to kirtan. You will see the difference then.

    If you want to listen to something you need to have one pre-requisite that is, eagarness to listen to something.

    You should ask yourself why do you want to listen or attentively hear to mahamantra??

    Mind is always busy. thoughts are continously flowing... mind is either dwelling in the past or in planning future activities.  Even when you want to listen to mahamantra and stop all activities for sometime. Your mind is so mischievous that while listening it is busy thinking something else.  Then how to bring your mind to one point focus??

    how to stop this pendulum of mind?

    In two conditions only it will stop. ...1. When there is utter hopeless condition and you have no other to depend upon but except Lord Sri Krishna.

    2. When you object of all thoughts is only Lord. ( ie, when you are very passionate about Lord).

    I will give you two examples of these conditions.

    for the first one.. Hmm...In Gajendra Moksha story.. Gajendra the haughty elephant was not willing to surrender until he felt there was someone whom he can count on or depend on.  When his condition was utter hopeless and helpless then he cried for help to Lord in real surrender.

    Secondly.. when you have nothing left in life other then pleasing Lord. In complete vairagya state. As you are totally in bliss serving lord just like meerabai or tukaram or other saints.( not even having any other desires).

    When you involve yourself so much deeply into something that other surrounding things doesn't matter much to you anymore... then you can attentively hear or listen to something.

    So.. eagarness again depends on level of surrender.

    50% egarness ..50% surrender ...and 50% is the result also.

    But keep listening and try to train your mind.  But more then training you need Eagarness to listen.... this quality is must in a devotee. 

    Mahamantra itself will create eagarness ..listening to kirtans with dramatically bring a change also. Becoz lord's names are most potent.7219631476?profile=RESIZE_930x

    so.. you question yourself how much eagar are you to hear attentively? Becoz listnening with eagarness will surely bring a dramatic change and transformation from within.

    Hare Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    While chanting, maybe the following could be done:

    1) Try to chant the same time every day. It helps to train the mind that now it needs to hear the holy names. Ideally chant in early morning when there are less distractions.

    2) Pronounce and hear each syllable clearly.

    3) Stay away rfom digital media at that time. No interaction with your mobile when you are chanting.

    4) Think about the marks on the lotus feet of the lordships and what each mark means.

    5) Think about the various forms of the lord - Jagannath Baldev Subhadra; Pancha Tattva; Radha Madhav and asta sakhis; Nrisimha dev - one round one personality. Your rounds will get over in a breeze.

    6) Try to remember what you read the previous day. 


    Your servants,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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