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Hearing and Chanting are the foremost important processes of bhakti, then how can deaf and dumb persons get to do bhakti

How will these persons get to do bhakti to Supreme Lord

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Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


Ashtang Yoga is one of the processes to reach God. There is an entire chapter on it in Gita - Chapter 6. It is a yoga ladder - depending on where one is - its got different names - karma yoga, gyaan yoga, ashtanga yoga, bhakti yoga. 

By ashtanga yoga, I am not sure whether you mean pranayam. That is ok. It helps to regulate the breadth. More of exercise than yoga. The thing is - I am not sure who is teaching you ashtanga yoga - there has to be qualified teacher also na.

Trikal sandhya - what exactly you do?

Gayatri jaap - all second initiated also do gayatri jaap. 

Please take second initiation, then you can do gayatri jaap also.

The basic idea is to have faith that Hare Krsna mahamantra is enough to take us back to Godhead. We have to choose one path and follow it with faith and determination to get results.


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Without special mercy of Lord and His true  devotees, non of the living beings can progress, no matter of anything.

Bhakti has nothing to do with the senses.Real Bhakti raises above the senses,body,mind to the soul.Then it gets connected to Super soul.

Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


This questions is asked periodically on this website, maybe by you only earlier.

To chant, being dumb is not an impediment. Chant in heart. Chant in mind - chant. That is important. 

For deaf person, he can chant loudly, even if he cant hear what he is chanting.

For both, Krsna prasadam can be offered and reading can be done.

Krsna is in the heart. He sees the sincere endeavour of the sadhaka, the results are in His hands.


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

On the face of things, that might seem so, but there are many forms of Bhaktee Sava,

as well as other/bhaktees to help them in developing their (Rahda-Krishna Prama Rahsa)/taste/

&-"too develop an attraction and attachment to the experience of Their purely pleasherable association and pastimes.

That's about all anyone can do,-i.e. gradually evolve in our abilities to associate with Krishna & let our affectionet attraction be the leader & guide of our destanys. Indeed -

this is ISKCON'S Sole/ main task, service & pleaser,-Assintuelly,i.e. providing the pure holsome experience of God to the point that  Unconditional attachment, Love & affection spontaneously evolves/develups! ? am I right Good Question thank you ) big smiles

Addmittedly that is a good question! "

Generally speaking, chanting holy names of a proud and stonehearted person can not attract the Lord. 

Anyway, by faithful and complete surrender on the lotus feet of the Lord, one can get opportunity for progress. 

Chanting will give results - whether done attentively or distractedly.

We say attentive chanting, because it will give quicker results, remove anarthas from our heart, purify us and take us back to Godhead faster.

On the contrary, inattentive chanting will also do all of these, it may take lifetimes. In the process, if one commits vaishnava aparadha (mainly blaspheming devotees), then one is condemned. 

Pls chant - whether attentive or inattentive. Whether deaf, dumb, mentally challenged, physically challenged, financially, emotionally challenged, ..... or whatever the challenge one is facing at any point in time. 

The results of chanting of proud stonehearted person will be for sore some purification, but that wont attract the Lord unless one chant with the humble state of mind and  gentle such as in helpless condition. 

 The goal of chanting is waking  transcendental love for Lord, where purification is just a side effect of chanting. If one do not succeed in changing the heart state after many years of bhakti, one for shore need to seek for a drastic change in the life.

Transcendental love for God does not arise without purification. That is the reason inattentive chanting is encouraged (better than not chanting at all), so that the purification process starts. 

As far as proud, stone hearted person is concerned, I qualify for the definition. I have not yet come near namabhas even. My chanting is very offensive. 

Pls pray for me dear devotees, that one day I may chant suddha naam.


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji
Deaf & dumb person see krishna by eye.
Pls read bhagavad gita properly.
Whats maharaj ambarish say on how to use senses in krsna service.
Scripture say about 9 process of bhakti.
What is the speak of deaf & dumb even person is deadliest disable from every era even Heart and Brain.
The person is practice bhakti.
Acc to scientifically the primary senses is work by brain. And intelligence is the most impottant machanism of brain.
Krsna say in BG i give intelligence. Even person is Brilliant challenge by brain dont worry.
In the history helen keller is one of women challenge by eye ear even vocally but how is write autobiography what is the speak of bhakti and what is the speak of krishna bhakti.
Let me remind you we are present in srila prabhupada authority we r cant defeat by any question.
ASR Mishra


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