headaches in my spiritual journey

hare krishna,

I am a new devotee and just recently started doing 16 rounds of mahamantra jaap.  I divide it into 4 rounds and by evening i am able to complete 16rounds.. even when i am not doing jaap in my mind i am continuously repeating krishna name while doing household chores.. but recently i have started experiencing light headaches.. these headaches are continuous and does not go away even after taking medicine.. i have stopped doing naam jaap . i just do 3 rounds as 16 rounds gives me terrible headache.. while doing the jaap i can feel a lot of throbbing between the eyebrow and head becomes heavy but i dont concentrate there i just chant loudly and sometimes mentally ... but now because of the headache i cant concentrate on chanting nor on doing puja nor on reading the scriptures...physically i am totaaly fine .. dont ask me to go to doctor as the headche comes only when i do chanting...  maybe since i am new to the chanting a lot of negativity inside me is causing it and may be it will go away on its own after sometime.. please help  with your valuable comments..

thank you


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  • Hare Krishna. Please try gradually increasing the rounds over a period of time
  • E-Counselor
    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    This is the first time I have heard that someone gets headache by chanting. My advise would be to continue chanting. Maybe one visit to the doctor can also help.

    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
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