Having more than one wife.................

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  Can someone(common human) marry more than one women if he is capable of maintaining her and accept responsibility of her kids or have intimate relationship without marrying. This is in reference to the kings who used to marry more than one women and had relationship with her dasis. What does shastras say about this, does he need to take permission from his previous wives?. What was the actual purpose behind those marriages?. Please forgive me if I am offensive in this discussion.


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  • Common human may try but and extraordinary individual may succeed but then what is the point?

  • 2 wives means to much lusty

  • All our shastras namely SrimadBhagwatam, Bhagwat Gita etc.  are the reservoir of eternal Knowledge  for the benefit of those who are sincere seekers of eternal life.We are generally conscious of our material body(Gross) and to large extent with our mental body(Subtle).We are ignorant of our true self which is eternal (Atman) soul which is a part and parcel of Paramatma. Just as a ray of the Sun is having all those qualities  that the Sun has, but in a small quantity ,our atma also has all those qualities which Paramatma has but in a very small quantity. We are so very much attached to our body & mind that we have lost our awareness of Atma.

    One must be true seeker of this eternal nature of our self to study the Shastras.We must not get diverted into unnecessary discussions and arguments based on history ,geography and such other things such as how many wives must one have etc.The shastra may give you ready made answers, which if practiced ,will make your sincere search of eternal life a bit easier but it can never guaranty  you the results.For example if you are given instructions like 1. one must marry only one wife.2. one must be a strict vegeterian,3 one must not drink alcohol & so on.The instructions are to be strictly followed and it will improve by purifying our minds,but it does not mean that just mechanically following these instructions you become self realized .

                         The purpose of knowledge is to purify our mind while we are engaged in our day to day life in this human body and develop the habit of loving devotional service to the Supreme personality of God Shri Krishna to finally lift our awareness from the material body and mind to the eternal self.We need to serve and follow the instructions of a bonafide devotee with complete surrender to Shri krishna the Satchidanand, Para-Bramha,Purushottam,Paramatma, one who is the cause of all causes and has no cause,atmayoni etc. 

  • hare krishna  Akash

    pr dandavat pranam

    all glories to shrila prapupada and gurudev !

         Once i heard in H G Govind pr s class that in past kshatiya married to many women's because when they married to different different princes the king will be son in low of that particular king so there will not be any problem from that king .and he will help his son in low if there is any problem .and second thing kshatiya has capacity also and his duty is provide protection to children, women etc so it his duty to help them .if any women approach him it was his duty to marry with her and in kaliyuga every on is shudra so it not possibal in kaliyuga .if you want perfect answer   read mahabharat or hear  H .G govind pr lecher U will get  perfect answer.

  • Śrīmad Bhāgavatam9.11.17

    strī-puḿ-prasańga etādṛk

    sarvatra trāsam-āvahaḥ

    apīśvarāṇāḿ kim uta

    grāmyasya gṛha-cetasaḥ


    strī-pum-prasańgaḥ — attraction between husband and wife, or man and woman; etādṛk — like this; sarvatra — everywhere; trāsam-āvahaḥ — the cause of fear; api — even; īśvarāṇām — of controllers; kim uta — and what to speak of; grāmyasya — of ordinary men of this material world; gṛha-cetasaḥ — who are attached to materialistic household life.


    The attraction between man and woman, or male and female, always exists everywhere, making everyone always fearful. Such feelings are present even among the controllers like Brahmā and Lord Śiva and is the cause of fear for them, what to speak of others who are attached to household life in this material world.


    As explained above, when the feelings of love and transcendental bliss from the spiritual world are pervertedly reflected in this material world, they are certainly the cause of bondage. As long as men feel attracted to women in this material world and women feel attracted to men, the bondage of repeated birth and death will continue. But in the spiritual world, where there is no fear of birth and death, such feelings of separation are the cause of transcendental bliss. In the absolute reality there are varieties of feeling, but all of them are of the same quality of transcendental bliss.

  • this was rejected by Srila Prabhupada

    •  actually when he was young

    • he found that his wife was not very favorable for KC

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        so he thought I should accept a second wife

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        and in those days it was still common

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        in India

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        In the west is is not allowed

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        by law

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        but Mohana De Srila Prabhuapdas farther advised him

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        that one day you will take sannyasa

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        so having one wife will be better than 2

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        this is not alllowed in ISKCON

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        pologamy is against Prabhuapdas instructions

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna!!! If anyone has got  right to polygamy, it is Krishna and we are all His wives. Let us all get back to His warm embrace. 

  • I should say sorry prabhu, because of my ego I should ask for forgiveness to you, please forgive me prabhu, question itself was not put in proper way, anyways lets chant and be happy.............

    • My ego made me reactive suddenly so I was sarcastic and I forgot with whom am I  behaving like this, I Know one thing for sure prabhu only devotees and krishnas mercy can show me the right path, Anyways I got perfect answers from devotees. Hari bol......

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    Draupadi is not an ordinary women. She was so pure in consciousness that could stay pure anytime. She appeared from the fire yagya. in previous life she worshiped Lord Shiva and asked a husband with 5 qualities. Then Lord Shiva told that all these 5 can not be in one person in this way she got 5 husbands with those 5 qualities: most handsome, strong, religious....
    And let laugh those people who are more elevated than her. If they did not appear from the pure fire but from the ... womb, and if they can not re keep their purity then no need to laugh at her as an ordinary woman. She was Sachi Devi Herself who is Lord Indra's wife. And all 5 Pandavas are Lord Indras in previous life.
    She is the topmost chaste and plus Devotee wife and woman.
    Only unintelligent people will laugh and we do not care about the opinions of unintelligent people.
    Your servant,
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