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    Hare Krsna,


    We can be with Krsna right here, right now. We can hear His name, fame, pastimes, render service unto Him by cooking, cleaning, doing arati, reading about Him, remembering many ways..... The lord is non different from His name, fame pastimes. Therefore, when we do these activities, we are actually being with Krsna.

    The shlokas in Gita where the lord says that whoever reaches His abode doesnt have to come back to this material world again means that He is showing us the way to overcome birth, death, old age and disease. He has told us that heaven is also temporary and not at all attractive as a destination for the devotee. Therefore, the only permanence is in His abode, reaching where, one doesnt have to come back.

    It is because we have associated with Krsna thats why the soul is not satisfied ever in the material world. It hankers for the same satisfaction which it has forgotten, still something is there to tell the soul that something is amiss. Complete satisfaction is in the loving devotional service of the lord.


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  • Hare Krsna
    It is said that Krsna never leaves his abode.
    Yet he walks the earth. Curious isn't it?
    What is being emphasized in Bhagavad Gits As It Is Is that one who attains Krsna's abode is saved from repeated transmigration.
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