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    Hare Krishna Sanjeev Kumar Prabhuji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    uh uh uh how i dislike this word. Even do not like to read or pronounce this word :(

    Even vibration of this word is destructible :(

    That comes out of the mode of ignorance. It is condensed mode of ignorance. No knowledge. No light. Blindness about the reality.

    So let's see how it develops:

    First lust enters into our mind and body through the senses. When we observe the sense objects we start to think of them. Which means for example, we saw one nice car in the shop. Lust entered through our eyes to our mind. Now we start to think of having that car. Day by day meditation increases. And we start to work hard in order to get that car. So maybe after 2-3 years one gets that hard with hard earned money.

    So he is too much attached. Now suddenly happens a car accident and his car crashed into pieces. It will be a great shock and loss for him. He lamented about having it for 2-3 years and after having it he lost it so easily. So that lusty desire for enjoyment was stopped by the accident.

    Unfulfilled desire causes one to become aggressive. So in the beginning after seeing that car he started to act - which was in the mode of passion. And when desire was not fulfilled consciousness came down to the mode of ignorance.

    Aggressiveness, dislike...anger...and Krishna says that anger covers one's intelligence. And intelligence means knowledge. No intelligence means no knowledge - darkness- ignorance.

    And in that condition one thinks that other person is cause of my suffering. Not my karma. Or even God is the cause of my suffering. Not me. Not my fault.

    In this way dislike to other is there.

    And solution is we have to try to pull that person from the mode of ignorance to the mode of passion then to the mode of goodness...

    Anger won't be there if one accepts oneself as a servant of everyone. And as an insignificant part of God. And that all my sufferings are ONLY DUE TO MY OWN FAULTS NOT OTHERS'.

    In this way peace comes. Comes repentance, tears, humility, tolerance...

    Your servant,  


      Thank you everyone for your swift response.

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