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I'm just married.from my hubby home they took me to narasimha temple very happy 

while doing namaskaram there was a discussion between ma aunt and uncle which side to face and bow down.Is tat important to see the facing side while doing namaskaram?

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In sastra it is mentioned to bow down to lord from the left side of the deity. 

Also prabhu jis' should do full dandawat.

left side - in this way pasting our heart closer to Lord (heart is in left side)

these things were important when people had proper understanding of these things; they remain important nonetheless in my opinion.

if you had transcendental eyes and saw yantra everywhere; where would you start? have you heard that buddhas bow to no one?  all major religions have different adaptations to these things. 

i was doing full dandawat before knowing about it from iskcon people; some of these things are exercises in the spiritual sense. a lot of the time "devotee" will do full dandawat because it is etiquette, rather than because he feels like doing it naturally; 

lord krishna spoke about rituals and spiritual work; it can purify even great souls. in any case; to answer ur question; 

according to who you ask you will get different answers' but won't lord krishna tell you?

Where can you look, that you can't find me?

so you see devi, these things are important under through eyes of limited love. or limited perception; which we all have. but a skilled devotee will juggle you around; don't hold people who tell you that your work in love and devotion for krishna or narasimma is inappropriate; if you're compassionate or wish to be so, do it as they require it in their house, and you will make narasimma more happy by honoring the state of his devotees.

one shouldn't quarrel or even argue with these things, if it makes them both happy, then bow to each direction; and after have them laugh at you; that's how you'll protect their integrity, after which give them the sly remark: isn't lord krishna and narasimma also in that pillar across the room?


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