• You can teach them how to clean their surroundings. Only by spreading virtues of good habits among these people will they keep their surroundings clean. If you use money to keep their surroundings clean, they will once again make it ugly, since these people are no better than animals. To make them human beings, you can make them Krishna conscious devotees. Gradually, many good qualities will start seeping in them and their financial condition will also improve. Simultaneously, you can also kickstart a de-addiction campaign. So, this would be the best service to help these people. This would need negligible money to improve their lives.

    Hare Krishna ! 

  • jay shri krishna

    your thinking is very good, i heard one sentence in Srimadbhagwadgita "ज्ञानी व्यक्ति ज्ञान और कर्म को एक रूप में देखता है, वही सही मायने में  देखता है."

    you can start with trust registration or individual with support with other trust

  • Volunteer


    this is how Devotees help to poor people

    Prasadam and



    Very simple Prasadam like kichri or rice and Kirtan.

    Of course these Devotees also did not had funds in the beginning but there are ways of collecting funds for these reasons.

    But it can not be done by one person but if many come together and do then it will be possible.

    Nice idea! 

    Why not to start it even in India?!

    Your servant, 

    • Volunteer

      It is Your country - India, and Your neighbors! And they are hungry not only for food of the body but also for the food of the soul - the Holy Name.

      So if some 2-3 young Devotees come together and make plans, find strategies ...then things will be done.

      Srila Prabhupada went alone to USA and started whole worldwide movement. So big things start from small things. And in the beginning - the seed is that Your DESIRE dear Mataji.

      So please catch hold this desire and move forward! Hope and pray many Devotees will join You!

      Your servant,  

      • i hv a grp of ppl here...actually its a small society... and thnx fr advice :)

      • Volunteer

        for example, when there was Book Marathon last year in December some of our friends also wished to help. So we came together, requested 2 boxes of Bhagavad Gitas and carrying these boxes we went to the railway stations of Mumbai. 

        Some of us stood near by the books others got 4-5 books in hand and approach walking people...

        so in this way we could not imagine for a month over 700 Bhagavad Gitas!

        By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada.

        In this way if friends come together they can do many things.

        Your servant, 

  • hare krishna , 

    u, mee and  others can help the slum a little bit to help money , cloth , food , cte. but  a broad view is that, we have to know how  slum devolop in our country , our governance can abolish it  .we have to cut off the reason of the develop of slum. i feel we have to be a mediator  between gov. and slum to devolop slum.we should go to slum area , make them understand the important of geting better life  and project that to gov .till to get affordable help from gov. 

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