• Prabhuji plzz don't check authenticity of any text because its all about Bhakti.Navadwipa mahatamya is glorification of sthali of Chaitanya Mahaprabhuji plzz let that radiation enter the heart and not agitate intellect because time is too short if we keep checking it like this way then beauty of Bhakti is gone......Devotion is when we take things as it is with full faith in Guru.If still you have queries there are senior members.Hare Krishna.
  • is navadvipa dhama mahatmya authentic?

    • Written by the Srila Bhaktivonod in the mood of love for Gaura Nitai, this literature represents the glorification of the birth place of Gauranga, Navadwip.

      Gaudi vaishnava bhakti scriptures are mainly written in the mood of Radha Krishna bhakti or madhurya rasa, as well as the Goura Nitay bhakti mood.

      Very often, devotees has inspiration to write beautifull poems and literature in the glory of Lord and His bhaktas, such bhakti mood literatures inspiring others and intensify particular rasa mood of bhakti.

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    • Radhey Radhey Prabhuji its such an amazing description beyond everything ......thanks for enlightening me.....your servant Nidhi.
  • Thank you Prabhuji.
  • The most important thing about the (mantra) is that because of it's cleansing & purifying effects upon the chanters and their environment it is a auspices service. The Law of reciprocation allows Krishna to serve those who serve Him! Otherwise "with no performance of services God wI'll have little/no
    motivation inspiration nor karmic obligation to assist us in any fashion. Chanting I'd the fulfillment of that requisite. There is no other way, there's no other way to become ellagabal for God's special faver than that of this chanting, Haray Haray Bolah. .
    • Sri Narada asked Sri Brahma how to counteract effects of Kali age ???  lol

      Well Naradaji wouldnt be devarishi, if he need to ask anyone how to do it. This is kind of those scriptures, which says that  Naradaji ones entered family life, just to taste how its like to be in illusion. :)

      Its seems in the past of India existed some kind of national sport between brahmana bandhus, where those who wrote better scripture in the name of Sri Vyasadeva, that one will be respected and get more donations from the people.


      Chanting holy names of Lord is the best medicine in this Age, and not only in this Age.

      Someone says Allah is the best name of Lord, someone claim Rama or Krishna, someone Narayana,

      but those who have seen the truth knows that there is no discrimination based on material dualities, such as higher-lower, better-worse,......

      • You are right that there is no difference in lords name but there are some Yuga DharmS and Yuga mantras I'm only enquiring about it.
      • Prabhu I don't know whether or not how much you know about India Scriptures or Spirituality but whatever you know still needs perfection ......please don't feel bad but you are v offensive or may be its an attitude but let me tell you I'm a servant and lover of Krishna so I don't need many logics and explanations .....I just ask questions to get more taste of Devotion and how can I improve myself like other devotees are improving because I'm well aware that I'm fallen soul imperfect and Im hankering for Krishna Bhakti.
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