Hare Krishna. i need a guidance

Hare Krishna

I got married one year ago, me and my prabhuji are trying to advance in Krishna conscious.

My prabhu always try to keep me happy in every aspect..... but the problem is i can see that he is not that happy with me and now i am getting upset that he is not happy with me then why should i live with him.... but i dont want to leave him also.....the problem is that my prabhu has told me that he wants to marry a beautiful girl but he got married to me and i am not that beautiful. i cant be beautiful now.... what should i do.....he knows that in Krishna Conscious we dosent give importance to body, but sometimes he feel that he should have the beautiful wife......and this thought kills me....... how to deal with this problem can any one suggest me plz..........

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  • Hare Krishna
    Thanks to everyone for guiding me. i will think on all these replys and take my stand.
  • Hare Krishna,dear Guari Shinde Mataji.

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-Maharaja.

    Dear Gauri Shinde Mataji, I am so so sorry that your marriage went this way. Try to have hope, because not everything is losted.

    Dear Gauri Shinde Mataji, you are  a very simple, humble and devoted wife. It is a very nice move from you to discuss this problem of yours with devotees. From this I can conclude how simple,humble, honest and devoted you are to your husband.

    Your husband still loves you and respect you also alot, otherwise he never had told this to you ,that he wants to marry a more beautiful girl. For the fact that he wants to marry a next girl, means that on both side some mistakes had been made. You and your husband. Your duty towards your husband is to take good care of him.  Like how some devotees had said in their replies.  Nomatter what he is doing, still try to support him in anyway. If you are legally maried to him, he is your god in this material world. This should be coming from both side. Husband and wife. But now that your husband want to marry an other girl is his karma pushing him to do that. This has also to do with your bad karma. Whatever he wants to do he can do that act, because we all are an personified individual souls. You will not be able to control him, whatever he wants to do, and otherwise he can not control you, whatever you wants to do. In this regard, become the most devoted wife to your husband ever.

    By your bad karma he wants to marry an other girl.  you want to control him by not doing so. If you and your husband are devotees of Lord Krishna, then see this as an very nice test. Every single act that we perform in this material world is we want  an result or to get an result. Arjuna had this same problem. Krishna advised him, just do your duty and do not depend on the result of it. Stand up and fight and you will gain victory.
    So, my dear Gauri mother, real devotees do not care about the outcome of an service. They just do that because it is their duty to do so. Is like some devotees said, offer all your love you can to your husband and do not wait or look for the result. Just do your duty, a married wife duty.
    IN this regard, I am begging you to accept an spiritual master and under his guidance chant the Maha-Mantra and read the Bhagavat-Gita As It Is. This will make you an very powerfull devoted wife and one day by the mercy and blessings of our most beloved Lord Krishna you will become happy again.

    May you become a very happy wife again and may your husnabd loves you with his full heart again. Just try to do your duty and powerfull forces will come and help you. Stay fixed with your duty towards your lovely husband.

    Hope this reply can help you a lot. May you be blessed with a happy KC live. I hope I did not offend you or anyone with this reply. I wanted just to offer my humble advise. Still if I had offended some of you, I am begging on my knees to forgive me. I just wanted to help.

    Thank you so much.

    Jaya Radha Radha.


  • Volunteer

    In these days ANY woman can be made beautiful. Liposuction, breast enlargement, skin bleaching, plastic surgery etc. etc. Inexpensive things like curling hair or putting a few drops of peanut oil in the hair can make hair shiny and silky. Beauty can be fixed.

    On the contrary, beauty is perception. In cultures where food is scarce, fatter women are considered beautiful. In places where food is plentiful, skinny like a stick are considered beautiful, like in USA. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Try this trick. Psychology...

    What makes your husband think so and so is beautiful? Usually when several people say that she is beautiful.

    Feed some people prasadam to make them tell your husband..."you have such a beautiful wife"

    Do this once a week for about 10 weeks.

    Let me know when it works... after how many weeks that is...


    At the end of the day, who wants to have a wife that will be stared at by every man in the street?

    Here is a nice video of Tukaram, when he was approached by a beautiful woman... his advice to her:

  • hare krishna mathaji,

                               these things happens only to teach us vairagya.  please think that ur husband is a helper for ur material life. u r very lucky that he is in krishna conscious. some or the other day he will understand this point.

  • Mata ji ,


    Please dont take hasty decisions , Talk to your Husband and sort out these issue , Beauty external is temporary , I disappointed  with your Husband as he is a Devotee too , Chant and Krishna will take care

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna

    pls control yr unfair thoughts If yr husband tries to keep you happy in every aspect this proves that he love you and care for you.

    Pls explain him this material body, simply a bag of stool, urine, blood, mucus, and other horrible things only.And we are simply attracted to the beautiful skin and as soon as the skin is no longer beautiful we are not attracted any more.

    Modern mentality is that everything is based on the beauty of the skin. But we fail to realize that we can never be satisfied with a relationship based on the skin because the beauty of the skin is temporary. Just as the flowers blossom and fade away, similarly the beauty of the skin will also fade away after some time.

    Pls show him yr internal eternal beauty with yr unconditional support and care and help him to move into Krishna Consciousness.


    As you said you and prabhuji are trying to advance in Krishna Consciouness so if so I am sure that prabhuji will understand above explanation.


    Hare Krishna


  • Hare Krsna!

    You should have not brought this topic in the public forum in the first place.

    But, as you wish to get some directions from devotees, so my advice is you close this discussion here on this site & get in touch with some senior grihastha devotee mataji, who can listen to your worries & guide you in a KC way.

    Remember, you should not bring out any negative point of your Prabhuji in Public.

    My wishes & sincere prayers with you to solve this problem.

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