Hare Krishna, please accept humble obeisances... 

I have been suddenly worn one round of tulsi neck beads... and I have trouble quitting onion and garlic...(although I've quitted onions and garlic for 3-4 months before wearing it)... I can't take it out too, as anyone who takes out the tulsi kanthi mala after wearing it for some time is considered to be a Visnu-drohi... May I offer any foodstuffs during emergencies to the Lord, after separating the onion and garlic completely, and will the Lord help remove the sins for eating the food mixed with onions and garlics, if I  'beg' Him to remove the sins for offering Him the food and wearing the tulsi kanthi mala while eating the food? (I've followed the 4 regulative principles for the same period of time I began to quit onions and garlic completely,3 to 4 months) 


Please help this insignificant soul... 


Your humble servant, 

Krishna Hari Dasa 

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        • The general idea behind Vaishnavism in philosophy is not to go against what a previous Acharya has stated. Prabhupada mentions this many times. That is how we have an unbroken disciplic succession. However, if you want to progress or add to a previous truth spoken by an Acharya, that is a beautiful expression of your Krishna Consciousness. You must be careful, however, and it is noticable that eating the foods recommended in the Vedas brings one to a better Spiritual wholeness because the Vedic injunctions come from a Spiritual source. So you can speculate, or you can take what is given from the previous Acharyas, or what you can do is become an Acharya yourself, however to do this you must uphold the teachings of the previous Acharyas and continue them on down the line. You will always be beautiful and Krishna Conscious, and it is important for us to think for ourselves about all of these subjects, however once you come to the Truth with a mind of love, with what is best for you and for others, that is when you will understand you have come to a factual conclusion without a doubt. Keep chanting Hare Krishna and sharing your feelings with devotees, for they are important to me and very important to Krishna. Hare Krishna and God Bless.

  • No matter what, don't take off Tulsi.

    • and can I separate the onion and garlic completely in the food and offer to the Lord, just to hope that the material modes of nature would diminish and the food becomes sinless and karma free? 

    • but what if mother Srimati Tulsi Maharani gets offended because I ate food mixed with onions and garlic, although I can separate it completely and eat the rest?

      • Tulsi Devi wouldn't refuse a fallen person's presence who needs her Grace. Jesus cured the lepers. Your issue is just a little onion and garlic. Don't distance yourself from Krishna because of your imperfections, but draw more of Him and His devotees in to grow closer. That is my advice. Hare Krishna.

        • so, the Lord would accept the offering of food after I've separated the onions and garlic, right? 

          • It's better not to eat tainted Prasadam, but yes, He will. Onions are technically unofferable but the Bhagavad Gita teaches us to offer everything we do and eat to Him. Krishna views His pure devotees as His Own Self, and they are very dear to Him. If Krishna had to eat something as meager as onions just to avoid hunger, He would. Anything you offer Him in true Love He will accept, and it is better to ingest things only offered to Krishna, for the Bhagavad Gita teaches that those who eat for their own sense gratification verily eat only in sin. So offer everything to the Lord, even if it has onions, if you can do it with Love. My advice is that you try to give up the onions, but my advice in the meantime is to be practical and not eat anything which isn't offered to Krishna, like the Bhagavad Gita recommends. Hare Krishna.

            • Thank you Prabhuji

            • thanks, prabhu! 🙏🙏🙏

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