Hare krishna exorcism

Do we have hare krishna exorcists? I am suffering from demonic possession and need exorcism done so do we have hare krishna exorcists on this community or may be if you know any please help me by telling me where they are. Please support people

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  • E-Counselor

    Dear Abhay Chauhan pr,
    I can say, we had a similar incident in our house, please read the following article
    Its an experience and realization by my own family. All that we did is we got a Ugra Narasimha portrait from a pure devotee and chanted Narasimha Arati.

    Hare krishna

    • I believe and fully support these methods rather than tantriks @abhay prabhu

  • Go and heal yourself Temple, tell them about demonic influence.

    KC Temples are spiritual hospitals

  • Wow how do I follow That?
    Attack the (False Ego)
    of one considers God's Energies,
    Heavy or/(Grave)-consistently the-same-yet purifying & transcendent)/moving w/creative change. Key word (grave) deep or heavy. Krishna's Names are Krishna, So Hi's fame & Name are heavyweight Krishna is Dashing Heroic & eager to demonstrate Hi's domination & Dominyion. Recipracation is His catalyst to take action I.e. He becomes obliged & encouraged to reciprocate Service with service. So I suggest Chant, filling your space with sounds that (at once) permeate/vibrate every place you would have Him hold sacred, as long as His awareness & or/energies are present things will evolve for the (Great or Good) & That's is why I suggest calling on Krishna (exclusively) because' Krishna can clear your karmic attachments withOut so much tearing-off of the heads stuff!-)
    Krishna & Hi's energies will also serve as a Self Edifying dministration of His unique authority over all things in every dimension and in all relms. Joust sit or walk peacefully yourself & perhaps take shelter of the principals of highest and best times I.e. (example)-rise wash & chant from 4: am. Till 6:am again at noon wash your body & chant as you offer Krishna Some palatable (veg) lunch after 15-20 minutes you take/eat it. Best to not serve Him on old plates or with community drinking or eating utensils. All new stuff used just for this purpose. Light an Incence ring a small bell & chant HARE KRISHNA HARE RAMA.for 15_20 min. (Key)-(Don't offer Krishna community cookery or eat of Hi's plays.! This is key, honouring or respecting Hi's Supreme divinity.
    Take rest early 10: Pm.(after chanting again for 20-30 minutes.
    I.e. make the chanting as orthodox as possible with fragrance sound songs & mantra. Cercomambeulate your space inside & out, right_to-left as you (verbaly)-chant. HARE KRISHNA HARE RAMA. (Regulate) / repeat this process at approx same time each day. 1st./also offer something to Krishna at each meal you take. & you will soon realize that of ambassadors Krishina is the Supreme Negosheator. (GL) good luck & (LG) life's good!
  • Hare Krishna

    First of all don't be scared ,rest assured Krishna will protect you under all circumstances.You should read nrsinham kawach, the audio of which you can easily find on youtube.

    narasimha-kavacham vakshye
    prahladenoditam pura
    sarva-raksha-karam punyam

    I shall now recite the Narasimha-kavaca, formerly spoken by Prahlada Maharaja. It is most pious, vanquishes all kinds of impediments, and provides one all protection.

    sarva-sampat-karam chaiva
    dhyatva narasimham devesham

    It bestows upon one all opulences and can give one elevation to the heavenly planets or liberation. One should meditate on Lord Narasimha, Lord of the universe, seated upon a golden throne.

    vivrtasyam tri-nayanam
    vibhutibhir upashritam

    His mouth is wide open, He has three eyes, and He is as radiant as the autumn moon. He is embraced by Lakshmidevi on his left side, and His form is the shelter of all opulences, both material and spiritual.

    catur-bhujam komalangam

    The Lord has four arms, and His limbs are very soft. He is decorated with golden earrings. His chest is resplendent like the lotus flower, and His arms are decorated with jewel-studded ornaments.

    sphuran manikya-diptibhih

    He is dressed in a spotless yellow garment, which exactly resembles molten gold. He is the original cause of existence, beyond the mundane sphere, for the great demigods headed by Indra. He appears bedecked with rubies which are blazingly effulgent.

    garutmata cha vinayat
    stuyamanam mudanvitam

    His two feet are very attractive, and He is armed with various weapons such as the conch, disc, etc. Garuda joyfully offers prayers with great reverence.

    krtva tu kavacham pathet
    nrsimho me shirah patu

    Having seated Lord Narasimhadeva upon the lotus of one's heart, one should recite the following mantra: May Lord Narasimha, who protects all the planetary systems, protect my head.

    sarvago ’pi stambha-vasah
    phalam me rakshatu dhvanim
    nrsimho me drshau patu

    Although the Lord is all-pervading, He hid Himself within a pillar. May He protect my speech and the results of my activities. May Lord Narasimha, whose eyes are the sun, and fire, protect my eyes.

    smrtam me patu naraharih
    nasam me simha-nashas tu
    mukham lakshmi-mukha-priyah

    May Lord Nrhari, who is pleased by the prayers offered by the best of sages, protect my memory. May He who has the nose of a lion protect my nose, and may He whose face is very dear to the goddess of fortune protect my mouth.

    sarva-vidyadhipah patu
    nrsimho rasanam mama
    vaktram patv indu-vadanam
    sada prahlada-vanditah

    May Lord Narasimha, who is the knower of all sciences, protect my sense of taste. May He whose face is beautiful as the full moon and who is offered prayers by Prahlada Maharaja protect my face.

    narasimhah patu me kantham
    skandhau bhu-bhrd ananta-krt
    narasimhah patu me bhujau

    May Lord Narasimha protect my throat. He is the sustainer of the earth and the performer of unlimitedly wonderful activities. May He protect my shoulders. His arms are resplendent with transcendental weapons. May He protect my shoulders.

    karau me deva-varado
    narasimhah patu sarvatah
    hrdayam yogi-sadhyash cha
    nivasam patu me harih

    May the Lord, who bestows benedictions upon the demigods, protect my hands, and may He protect me from all sides. May He who is achieved by the perfect yogis protect my heart, and may Lord Hari protect my dwelling place.

    madhyam patu hiranyaksha-
    nabhim me patu naraharih

    May He who ripped apart the chest and abdomen of the great demon Hiranyaksha protect my waist, and may Lord Nrhari protect my navel. He is offered prayers by Lord Brahma, who has sprung from his own navel.

    brahmanda-kotayah katyam
    yasyasau patu me katim
    guhyam me patu guhyanam
    mantranam guhya-rupa-drk

    May He on whose hips rest all the universes protect my hips. May the Lord protect my private parts. He is the knower of all mantras and all mysteries, but He Himself is not visible.

    uru manobhavah patu
    januni nara-rupa-drk
    janghe patu dhara-bhara-
    harta yo ’sau nr-keshari

    May He who is the original Cupid protect my thighs. May He who exhibits a human-like form protect my knees. May the remover of the burden of the earth, who appears in a form which is half-man and half-lion, protect my calves.

    sura-rajya-pradah patu
    padau me nrharishvarah
    patu me sarvashas tanum

    May the bestower of heavenly opulence protect my feet. He is the Supreme Controller in the form of a man and lion combined. May the thousand-headed Supreme enjoyer protect my body from all sides and in all respects.

    manograh purvatah patu
    maha-viragrajo ’gnitah
    maha-vishnur dakshine tu
    maha-jvalas tu nairrtah

    May that most ferocious personality protect me from the east. May He who is superior to the greatest heroes protect me from the southeast, which is presided over by Agni. May the Supreme Vishnu protect me from the south, and may that person of blazing luster protect me from the southwest.

    pashchime patu sarvesho
    dishi me sarvatomukhah
    narasimhah patu vayavyam
    saumyam bhushana-vigrahah

    May the Lord of everything protect me from the west. His faces are everywhere, so please may He protect me from this direction. May Lord Narasimha protect me from the northwest, which is predominated by Vayu, and may He whose form is in itself the supreme ornament protect me from the north, where Soma resides.

    ishanyam patu bhadro me
    samsara-bhayatah patu
    mrtyor mrtyur nr-keshari

    May the all-auspicious Lord, who Himself bestows all-auspiciousness, protect from the northeast, the direction of the sun-god, and may He who is death personified protect me from fear of death and rotation in this material world.

    idam narasimha-kavacham
    bhaktiman yah pathenaityam
    sarva-papaih pramucyate

    This Narasimha-kavaca has been ornamented by issuing from the mouth of Prahlada Maharaja. A devotee who reads this becomes freed from all sins.

    putravan dhanavan loke
    dirghayur upajayate
    yam yam kamayate kamam
    tam tam prapnoty asamshayam

    Whatever one desires in this world he can attain without doubt. One can have wealth, many sons, and a long life.

    sarvatra jayam apnoti
    sarvatra vijayi bhavet
    bhumy antariksha-divyanam
    grahanam vinivaranam

    He becomes victorious who desires victory, and indeed becomes a conqueror. He wards off the influence of all planets, earthly, heavenly, and everything in between.

    vishapaharanam param

    This is the supreme remedy for the poisonous effects of serpents and scorpions, and Brahma-rakshasa ghosts and Yakshas are driven away.

    bhuje va tala-patre va
    kavacam likhitam shubham
    kara-mule dhrtam yena
    sidhyeyuh karma-siddhayah

    One may write this most auspicious prayer on his arm, or inscribe it on a palm-leaf and attach it to his wrist, and all his activities will become perfect.

    svam svam eva jayam labhet
    eka-sandhyam tri-sandhyam va
    yah pathen niyato narah

    One who regularly chants this prayer, whether once or thrice (daily), he becomes victorious whether among demigods, demons, or human beings.

    bhuktim muktim cha vindati
    pathet shuddhatmanam nrnam

    One who with purified heart recites this prayer 32,000 times attains the most auspicious of all auspicious things, and material enjoyment and liberation are already understood to be available to such a person.

    kavachasyasya mantrasya
    mantra-siddhih prajayate
    anena mantra-rajena
    krtva bhasmabhir mantranam

    This Kavaca-mantra is the king of all mantras. One attains by it what would be attained by anointing oneself with ashes and chanting all other mantras.

    tilakam bibhriyad yas tu
    tasya graha-bhayam haret
    tri-varam japamanas tu
    dattam varyabhimantrya ca

    Having marked ones body with tilaka, taking acamana with water, and reciting this mantra three times, one will find that the fear of all inauspicious planets is removed.

    prasayed yo naro mantram
    narasimha-dhyanam acharet
    tasya rogah pranashyanti
    ye cha syuh kukshi-sambhavah

    That person who recites this mantra, meditating upon Lord Narasimhadeva, has all of his diseases vanquished, including those of the abdomen.

    kimatra bahunoktena
    narasimha sadrsho bhavet
    manasa chintitam yattu 
    sa tacchapnotya samshayam

    Why should more be said? One acquires qualitative oneness with Narasimha himself. There is no doubt that the desires in the mind of one who meditates will be granted.

    garjantam garjayantam nija-bhuja-patalam sphotayantam hatantam
    dipyantam tapayantam divi bhuvi ditijam kshepayantam kshipantam
    krandantam roshayantam dishi dishi satatam samharantam bharantam
    vikshantam purnayantam kara-nikara-shatair divya-simham namami

    Lord Narasimha roars loudly and causes others to roar. With His multitudes of arms He tears the demons asunder and kills them in this way. He is always seeking out and tormenting the demoniac descendants of Diti, both on this earth planet and in the higher planets, and He throws them down and scatters them. He cries with great anger as He destroys the demons in all directions, yet with His unlimited hands He sustains, protects, and nourishes the cosmic manifestation. I offer my respectful obeisances to the Lord, who has assumed the form of a transcendental lion.

    iti shri-brahmanda-purane prahladoktam shri-narasimha-kavacam sampurnam

    Thus ends the Narasimha-kavaca as it is described by Prahlada Maharaja in the Brahmanda Purana.

    And chant more rounds and ask forgiveness from any vaishnava if you have committed any vaishnava apradha.

  •   Living entities are not the enemies, its uncontrolled mind .

    • how to control mind

      • Sometimes people say : Theory is one thing, but practice is another.

        Even quoting the scriptures with explanation goal wont be achieved.

        The theory we may know, but without regular practice under supervision od qualified Guru will not give wanted result.

        Living with Guru along with humble service to him, student achieve practical knowledge from his teacher, then under his constant supervision of regular spiritual practice, student achieve what ordinary mortals can just dream about.

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