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as i was reading the book written by radhanath swami maharaj i came to know that foreigners are not allowed in some of the hindu temples . after all they are also human then why is it so?wy are they not allowed even in jagannath puri. i feel foreigner devotees are thousand times better than the indian poojaries n pandits who sit in the temple n do all wrong which they should not do then wy foreigners are deprived of such great darshan pls answer

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  • Haribol...there is no question of any devotee of the lord being better than anyone else in the world :) and it is also painful to see foreigner devotees not being allowed darshan in many Hindu temples due to their bodily appearance.It will take some time to come over these restrictions ( even the so-called lower caste people were not allowed in many temples until recently).
    Talking abt Puri temple- a word of caution- the Panda's (priests) are very dear to the Lord.And it is not advisable to think ill for them.There is this famous story of the great Vaishnava saint Sri Ramanujacharya who was rebuked by Lord Jagannath for trying to change the way the Panda's served Him.This is true for all dhamvasis and ofcourse all vaishnavas( whethr stayng in dham or not)
    But instead of agonising on this aspect just treat it as a desire of the Lord & lets look at the positive side..Srila Prabhupada has created this movement for one and all irrespective of caste,creed,religion,gender and nationality.With open arms ISKCON welcomes everyone to drown in the nectar of the Holy Name.Thats what makes it so special. less than 50 yrs ago this was unthinkable..so chant and be happy :)
    And The Supreme Lord Krishna is so merciful- He surely will fulfill the desires of all his pure devotees.
    Jaganathji actually comes out of His temple to give darshan to one and all.

    Your desire and concern for devotees is so wonderful- just pray sincerely and Krishna will reciprocate maybe immediately or sometime in future.I join you in your prayers

    Hari Haribol
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    • hari bol thankyou so much mataji for your reply actually m learning and getting serious into it so some questions like this wer irritating me i m very happy after getting reply from you
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