• According to philosophy of karma whatever we get in this life is because of our karma then why did lord krishna had to suffer through all difficulties in his life if he is supreme lord?...why he had to listen bad words of shishupal if he had never told any bad word to anybody?..why he had to separate from shri radhaji?..why he had to seperate from his own parents?..

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    Lord is not bound by Karma. He is performing Lila.

    He gave us free will to love Him or hate Him or anything in between.

    Shishupala chose to hate the Lord, just like Kamsa.

    Radhaji is Hladini Shakti of the Lord. Internal pleasure potency of Krishna.

    Krishna separates Himself from His internal pleasure potency for His own pleasure.

    Separation of lovers in the material world is painful. On the other hand separation in the spiritual world is an intense pleasure.

    Krishna is related to all the spirit souls. He appears for the sake of devotees (yes He also kills demons) and He had to move on to serve His other devotees.

    (Yes, Lord serves His devotees. Just like He was a charioteer of Arjuna and also worked as a helper in the house of Sudama.)

    Again, Lord doesnt do anything out of Karma. He does it only because he enjoys it. Krishna is the supreme enjoyer. 

  • Lord krishna was sri ram in previous birth, so as remember sri ram killed bali and then he said in the next birth krishna was attacked by a hunter who was bali..............

    In days after the 18 day Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna meets Gandhari, a meeting described in Stri Parva. In anger and grief over the death of her sons and the Kaurava soldiers, Gandhari curses Krishna with the death of all Yadavas in a manner similar to the death of her sons.

    So as we see even lord krishna gets fruits of his karmas either from same birth or karmas from previous birth.

    Sage bhrigu cursed Vishnu to be born on earth several times and suffer the pains of death and worldly life.

    So as a result of sage bhrigu's curse, sri ram has to undergo so many difficulties.

  • Why did Lord Krsna suffer all difficulties if he is our Supreme Lord .
    Yes we suffer or enjoy because of our karma but Krsna doesn't get affected by Karma because he is the master of karma . Karma cannot have any influence on its master.
    Krsna seemed to have underwent difficulties because He chose those lilas of His . Every lila of His was chosen by Him. And some of His intimate associates like Radha associated Him in His lilas.
    Krsna is not affected by the pains and pleasures of material world . He is the controller of material world .It cannot control Him.
    Krsna gives every person enough opportunities to become good like Shishupal. Krsna listened to his blasphemous words but when it became too much , He stopped him by ending His body. So Shishupal got liberation. So even if Krsna punishes people , its for their good .
    Why He separated from Radharani ?
    Chosen lila. He had to go to Mathura and had to finish miscreants and establish Dharma. So not only Radharani, but even the Vrajavasis stayed in Vrindavana. Krsna didn't want them to be affected by Kamsa and He didn't want His associates ( Vrajavasis ) to be disturbed by these things . So He wanted them to be happy in Vrindavana. At the same time , He wanted to fulfill His purpose of visiting Earth . He had some other close associates to associate Him in this lila like Arjuna .
    • does it mean if we see some difficulties ahead ,we should separate our partner , associates an move ahead alone?..what should we learn from that lila?

      • Hare Krsna ,
        Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead . So we cannot try out what He does . I mean we cannot imitate him or his lilas . Like Raas lila . We shouldn't imitate that. If we want to imitate that lila then we have to think about whether we can imitate the lila of holding Govardhan on our little finger . Since He is magnificent , He can carry out such lilas . So all His lilas are wonderful which can be played only by Krsna .

        So what we should do ?
        We should just follow Him .

        How to follow Krsna ?
        By first understanding what He is teaching us . We don't know anything . So we need to be taught .

        So how is He teaching us ?
        By Gita . This is the first step .

        So you said what should we learn from His lilas ?
        See if you see those lilas , you can see that the gopis are His devotees . They love Him so much . They surrendered everything unto Him , and they loved Him more than anything . They spent their entire lives in His remembrance . They were so wonderfully devoted to Krsna. Their devotion was so intense that Krsna felt , How can I repay for the love and devotion that the gopis had for Me .
        So we should take great devotees of Krsna as our role models and lead our life in their footsteps .
        So do you think that they were totally unhappy?
        Yes of course they felt Krsna's separation immensely but they also establishes their names forever in Krsna's heart , The Supreme Personality of Godhead's heart eternally.

        Just think , if Krsna gave liberation to even those demons who came to attack Him and His gopa friends , what will be the position of the Gopis ?
        Unimaginable !!
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