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    Perhaps because the Deity made with marble.

    Your question should really be, why was marble chosen instead of a black stone?

    Perhaps because Krishna is Black.

    Krishna Varnam Trisha Krishnam



  • Hare Krishna. dear Juhi Kaul mataji
    The Lord is coming in front of His serious devotees the way His devotees wants to see Him. In Mumbai the devotees wants to see Krishna in white color. In other temple devotees want to see Krishna in a black color,other temple in blue color,etc.
    Prahlada wanted to see Krishna in His Nrisimha form. In Guyana and Suriname the devotees wants to see the Lord as Nitai-Gauranga. Hanuman wants to see Krishna as Rama. So, my dear mataji ,Krishna is coming in the form and color that His devotee wants to see Him. And Krishna Is doing this out of affection for His devotees.
    So, I hope this will answer your question, mataji, otherwise If someone else outhere could help this mataji , would be very nice of you.
    Thank you and Hare Krishna.
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