• There seems to be no direct answer to this. The best way to find out is continue gyming and at the same time increase your chanting and add more sincerity to it. Then see what happens


    • Hare Krsna
      Usually a person goes to the gym to build muscle. What good are those extra muscles?
      Do you want to look better or be physically stronger?
      Gym makes the body stiff and there can be many injuries.
      The idea of body building Is to cause wear and tear in the muscle through a strenuous workout. For these muscles to repair in time for the next workout you need good rest and a rich protein diet.
      It becomes a full time occupation.
      A bodybuilder is constantly body conscious. The other extreme.

    Now you r perfectly alright.


  • Hare Krishna! Thank you all so much for your replies.
    I have decided to keep away from gyming but at the same time try to stay healthy by eating satvik food and enough exercise(or yoga) to keep the body working well.

    While gyming I will exposed to materialistic music in the background and that creeping desire to flaunt my results. I'm weak and I think I'd just be playing with fire if I tried to make such endeavors.

    I remembered that Srila Prabhupada said that we should do what is necessary to just maintain the body and mind and focus the rest of our energy on going back home.

    Thank you all again for helping me clear my mind. Please let me know if my approach is wrong or can be bettered.


    Ayurved recommends yoga exercises, mainly breathing control which helps to control our wavering mind and connect it with supreme consciousness along with the by product.---healthy body. we donot know what our previous karma has in store for us. We dont know how long and how  healthy we live. eat satvik food which is firstly offered to Lord Krishna and how much our body needs it.. Dont much bother about this material body. for everything depend on Krishna and perform your prescribed  duty.

     Hope you under stand it.

    Your servant 


    • well said mataji,

      striving too much hard is not gud ,I agree;we need to develop oueselves on all fronts so that krishna's devotees be as knowledgeful as uddhav,as strong as arjun and doing bhakti as the chaianya mahaprabhu.The societ needs strong personalities in every aspect,May Krishna guide us.

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    • Hare Krishna,

      But we hv to keep ourselves fit and strong in all planes,boosting physique(and not being mad for building muscles) by running,sports or gymming would help our mind to remain stressfree and make us feel strong within.......that can helpful in spritual life too 

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Like everything else in spirituality, gymming is just an instrument. The consciousness in which gymming is done is important. If you are going to the gym to have the best body in the world or town, then it is on the material platform and will only make you spend your money and make you vain. If it is to keep body and soul together, such that you can use this body to serve the Supreme Lord without hindrances of unfit body, such that you (atma) use this body to progress further in spirituality and make this body the last birth in the material world, then it is on the spiritual platform.

    Take your pick - what is your consciousness? Like how we go to the gym to develop the body, that same way we do sadhana to develop the consiousness. So even if you dont have the correct consciousness right now, you can develop if gradually by sadhana.

    I know of some sanyasis who go to the gym regularly. Their take is that - they are sanyasis, if they fall ill, who will take care of them. Better they take care of themselves and use their time to fulfill the mission of Srila Prabhupada undisturbed.

    I hope I have been able to explain.


    Your servant,


    • Hare Krishna, Mataji!
      Thank you for your time.

      To be honest, I'm easily distracted. I had joined the gym for a month during my vacation with the intention of developing a healthy physical state so that my body does not cause hindrances to my spiritual practice. But soon I realized that my intention of going there had changed. This is why I feel I should stay away from gyming. At least till (if ) there comes a time when I will be able to completely focus on my priorities.

      Thank you once again, Mataji.
      Please let me know if I should correct my thinking in any way.

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