Gurru apradh

hare krishna everyone i have committed Guru apradh due to my false pride i thought bad about my pujya sadguru dev i seek atonement everything i got by the grace of my sadguru dev in spirituality the bhav i got is lost i now have become the most sinful soul on earth please tell me what should i do i can clear my sins and rectify my offence i made to my sadguru dev help me will going to him and begging forgiveness in his lotus feet work? 

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  •  all sins are cleared when reading srimad bhagavatam with faith.

  • yes, in kali yuga there is no sins from thoughts , but starting with thoughts sins are likely to be committed.

    so , having sinful thoughts we have to act as we already committed sin.

    otherwise, mind will cheat us, and soon or later will putting us in great troubles.

  • As Rashmi Mataji writes "There is no sin for bad thoughts"....this is really true. However it is a great virtua that you have repented even for a bad thought. This is the right way. Atone for it by surrendering this feeling at the feet of Lord Krishna. If your guru is approachable you may even express to him and beg for forgiveness so that there is no trace of the thought in your heart.


  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    In Kaliyuga, there is a concession. There is no sin attached to thoughts - if you have committed sin by thinking something bad for your guru, then that is not a sin yet. The problem is our thoughts only get converted into words and actions. If there are words and actions, then there is definitely aparadh.

    Regarding losing your bhav, now you have to work towards getting it back. One good way is to go to your guru and admit your mistake and beg for forgiveness. Another is to chant very sincerely, begging harnaam, Pancha Tattva and Krsna for forgiveness. Another is to be more tolerant and immediately forgive someone else who in your thoughts has committed some offence towards you.

    In the middle of all this, pls remember to learn the lesson from this episode. What triggered that bad thought - did someone speak bad about your guru in front of you, or some action of your guru which you felt bad or someone cobweb in your mind which made you think bad - sit back dispassionately and dissect the incident - what happened and what triggered the offence. Then think about what are the preventive steps you have to take in your mind to ensure such incidents are not repeated. Also think of how to contain the mishap if it happens again.

    Life is all about learning the lessons - otherwise no point of begging forgiveness and repeating the same mistake again next time.


    YOur servant,


  • SB 6.13.22-23 — In this very great narrative there is glorification of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Nārāyaṇa, there are statements about the exaltedness of devotional service, there are descriptions of devotees like Indra and Vṛtrāsura, and there are statements about King Indra’s release from sinful life and about his victory in fighting the demons. By understanding this incident, one is relieved of all sinful reactions. Therefore the learned are always advised to read this narration. If one does so, one will become expert in the activities of the senses, his opulence will increase, and his reputation will become widespread. One will also be relieved of all sinful reactions, he will conquer all his enemies, and the duration of his life will increase. Because this narration is auspicious in all respects, learned scholars regularly hear and repeat it on every festival day.


    srimad bhagavatam is full of such stories which alone can clean faithful person from all sins.

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