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    Hare Krsna,


    Firstly, so sorry for the late response. 

    So happy to read that you have chanted 16 rounds on ekadasi and want to know how to fast.

    Fasting is basically abstaining from grains and beans for the day. Normally, if dwadasi, that is the next day of ekadasi is the appearance day of any Vishnu Tattva, like this time, today is Varaha Dwadasi, then we fast for half day on ekadasi itself without any food or water. This is to compensate for Dwadasi, the day we are not allowed to fast. 

    Foods which are allowed to be eaten on Ekadasi are:

    1) Milk,

    2) Curd

    3) Fruits

    4) Dry Fruits

    5) Some vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrot, capsicum.

    6) Not allowed : beans, oils made of rice bran or beans, grains.

    The idea is that we fast on ekadasi to get more time to pray to the lord. We should consciously engage ourselves in some devotional activity - it could be chanting, reading, attending ekadasi program in the vicinity.... 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krsna mataji
      On dwadashi we are not allowed to fast?
      What is midday fasting and till noon fasting ?
      Pls ans mataji.
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        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        It is not allowed to fast on dwadasi - one has to necessarily eat grains. So if there is appearance day of any Vishnu Tattva (any of the 10 avatars), then one should fast on ekadasi itself. Now ekadasi is already a fast - so what does one do? One has to fast without even water till 12 noon, then one can have ekadasi food. 

        The other type of midday fasting we do is for, again some Vishnu Tattvas or appearance/ disappearance of gurus. Then what we do is - fasting from even water till noon, then eat normal food. Some people are not able to fast till noon also - old age or disease .... then they can have ekadasi food till noon and normal food after noon. 

        The idea is to do some austerity to show our reverence and rememberance towards that personality whose appearance/ disappearance day it is.

        I hope I have been able to explain.


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

        • Thank you very much mataji
          Hare Krsna
        • Hare Krishna Mata ji


          What is Vishnu Tattva..., Ekadashi occurs 2 times in every month...

          Hari Bol

          Amit Mehra

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