• An interesting challenge indeed however, the Vedas speak of those the (Great Bhaktee Sages) Who are determined to turn others around from a fallin path Somehow devise a way to (Somehow get them to chant) "some version" of the holly names, OM or Vishnu. I.e. Don't give up on them, find out what is good or righteous about them or that, that they love and take the most purifying/aspect of that and help them to get involved in chanting that I.e. helpfully some vershin of OM or the holy names of Vishnu Krishna Haray or Rama! Good luck be compassionate.
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    Offer/feed them Prasadam. As much as you can. They will turn around.

    We must be compassionate to those who have no taste for the Holy names.

    We must also leave them alone, those that do not have an interest in chanting the Names of Lord Hari.

  • Real faithful vaishnava prays for unhappy neighbors, even if they are demons, but selfish ones take care only for themselfs. Such persons never pleases the Lord, despite all the effort.


  • Hare Krsna,

    Prabhuji just ignore them for now. May be they will realize their mistake very soon. Badness can be conquered only by goodness.
  • Just simple by faithful praying to Lord one can achieve immortality, what to talk about other things.

  • This is a difficult topic. Any additional information you provide will help us to answer your question properly.

    Hare Krishna
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