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Hare Krishna dear Devotees! please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!


As we know that preaching about the glories of the Holy Names is the essence of our Spiritual Life.

We can preach by distributing books, giving lectures, lectures in educational institutions, web sites...But these things are usually done by brahmacharis, sannyasis.

But how practically Devotees in grihastha ashram preach? They do not have much time. At least husband works for 6-7 hours, wife works at home taking care of children then when will they preach?


Or does it mean that they do home programs? or just donate money to those who preach full time?


There are different types of Devotees:

who are with Vaisha inclinations-they take care of cows, do business and can donate much lakshmi.

who are with Kshatriya inclinations-they can manage Temple, money, organize Festivals, yatras. It is their preaching.

But those who have brahmanical qualities - can not earn much, can not rule nicely but just teach. So in this way how these grihasthas should preach?


Please, beg You to give also examples from the lives of Devotees!

thank You!

Your servant, bhaktin maral 

P.S. but please do not tell me that only taking care of children and making house a Temple is very big thing and enough for grihastha people. I think grihastha people can try to do more things for the benefit of Lord Gouranga's mission. 


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      Please accept my humble obeisances Anand Patel Prabhu, 

      i am very much grateful for You for these links!  And lots of thanks  also to Padmavati Mataji!

      Your insignificant servant, bhaktin maral 

    • Volunteer

      thank You Prabhuji! read! Yes, Deity worship is important for Grihasthas. When we are engaged in full time service to Deities life is blissful. But then heart starts to pain saying : "why i am tasting my self? not sharing it with others??? i am selfish!" 

       But yes, if we invite guests and feed them with Prasadam and do Kirtan then they will also get mercy of Deities!

      Thank You! Your servant, 

  • Hare Krsna.

    Jai Prabhupada



    In a lecture HG Pr Sarvabhauma was saying that the grihasthas devotees can organise get together regularly at a particular devotee place. The devotees do bring and share and they associate and read Srimad Bhagavatam or SP's books and discuss.

    He also said that there can be a kids corner.

    When the parents are thus associating, the children associate and learn to do drama or learn verses or do some spiritual activites. Later on they can show their talents. So in this way, the kids will not disturb the parents and they are getting nice association.


    In this way, prabhu say when people will see how the devotees are associating, how the children are behaving, when the public see the family mood among devotees, they will be attracted to the mission.  He further add that charity begins at home. So he had asked the devotees to meet regularly and organise such get together at different devotees house. He emphasise on being the example. He say that in this way they should preach by example.



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      Yes, dear Anisha Mataji, it is a very good idea!

      i saw how Devotees in Lakshmi Narasimha Temle Devotees organized different departments of Sunday program:

      ---Bhagavatam for English speakers

      ---Bhagavatam for Kannada speakers

      ----some type of games for children

      And at the time of Kritan and Parasadam they all joined together. In this way everything passed smoothly as like melting ghee :)

      But we have to try very hard to enthuse each other to do this in each other's houses.

      Thank You again! Your servant, :) 

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    my humble obeisances Rohit Singh Prabhu, 

    Thank You for Your answer!

    So You mean first of our consciousness is important for Krishna rather than our service in the form of preaching.

    But why we work very hard? What are the reasons that we have to work very hard?

    ---we eat too much? or

    ---we wear over nicely? or

    ---we want nice cars? or

    ---we do not use properties properly by wasting them? or


    i think here wives also should be active. For example, i used to see mostly Indian wives do not work in outside jobs but stay at home.

    But sometimes even though kids are elder enough they still stay at home just for cooking and for washing some clothes ...no i do not want to say anything bad about this. But i think somehow or other even we ladies can do something in preaching.

    Maybe distributing books together as like in Western countries Matajis do.

    Or something i do not know.

    Your servant, 

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