Hare Krishna Friends ,

Do you want to contribute to stoping cow killing ?

Please send your suggestion to Govt. Of India at following E-mail address


Please write Your Mobile Number & Your City .

अति महतवपूर्ण सुचना ! मित्रो !

भारत सरकार हम नागरिको से " गौ हत्या" करने या न करने के बारे में विचार जानना चाहती है और हम सब के समर्थन से इस देश में" गौहत्या " बंद हो सकती है ! 'गौ माता 'की रक्षा के लिए आप अपने विचार इस ईमेल आईडी "rsc2pet@sansad.nic.in" पर भेज सकते है ! ईमेल भेजते समय अपना मोबाइल नंबर और शहर का नाम लिखे !

मित्रो, आपके द्वारा भेजा गया एक ईमेल इस देश को सही दिशा दे सकता है ! 'गौ माता ' को बचाने के लिए कृपया 2 मिनट का समय देकर ईमेल जरुर करें !

और इस पोस्ट को शेयर कर के ज्यादा से ज्यादा लोगो को इसके बारे में बताये !

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  • Just goes to prove the ignorance of the government. There are asking for an opinion on an issue, had, they known the history of this land through Srimad Bhagavatam.
    They would have considered cow protection as their prime responsibility instead of asking for a suggestion from the citizens.
    Oh, but, it's a democracy.
    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna,

      Please accept my humble obeisances.

      Its not ignorance on the part of government, many of them know what cow meant to general public, but the money involved in cow products after her killing is blinding them.

      most of slaughter houses do have govt licenses.

      recently congress came in power in karnataka and they lifted the ban on cow killing which was put by earlier bjp govt because congress thinks cow killing is necessary to replace their money void by exporting meat.

      whoever has access to internet, should send their mail to above email-id, this way we will contribute to cause. if we just give up thinking this is farce, then govt will see that their are hardly any mails and will think that internet generation do not care about cows and will not do anyways.

      so please send mails and spread this to others. we need to flood that email-id with cow protection mails.

      Hare Krishna, Hari bol

      your servant

  • WE should stop  cow killing .Also , same time stop to kill  other innocence animals for our sense gratification.

  • Hare Krishna. How many people in India can vote or send their comments using technoloy. This drive should be open to even common people who dont have access to either mobiles or internet. If the govt takes this drive openly then only we can say that govt has the true intention to know what its countrymen think otherwise its only a farce. 

  • Volunteer

    our of curiosity it seems like email is the main form of contact, but what is being done so that each person in India can vote. Not everyone has a mobile number and not everyone is familiar with technology, so is this biased in some sort of way? 

    I live in the US so I'm not too familiar with this

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna

    sent a mail and informed other family members and friends and requested them to send a mail.

    also signed petition on change.org as well..


    Hope all the devotees send a mail and sign the petition.

    lets us stop cow killing.

    Hare Krishna, Hari bol

    your servant

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