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Why good people have to suffer a lot for success and bad people get it very easily. I see in my office/in society, that hard working, helping and simple people have to suffer so much and people who are expert in flatery and do so many bad/selfish work are living happily and enjoying their life comfartably...i know its all result of our past karmas but how we convience ourselves..we do not remember our past karmas...what to pains a lot..





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    Hare Krishna Mataji. dandavat Pranam. All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

    Suffering of good people is another way of bestowing mercy by Krishna. As long as a man would not suffer, He/she will never aspire or willing to get out of this material perplexity. Suffering gives us real knowledge of the duality of this world. Demoniac people go on enjoying because their quota of duration in material existence is not yet end, so their so-called enjoyment is another allurment of maya , which entraps them here birth after birth, beacuse in good times man don't remember god, only who has no other shelter he alone seeks shelter of God. So seemingly suffering of Good people is an indication that they will soon be called by Krishna in his abode.

    Hope this will help

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    Hari Bol

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