• pls share us ur  contact details so that we may contact you

  • hare krishna prabhuji, D.P,

    Presently I am staying in electronic city in Bangalore.It  is the place with majority of software industries. Presently i am staying with my devotee friend. pls let me know if you are intrested . However the area is not near to temple.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu .

    You can contact iskcon jagannath temple in sheshadripuram .there were group of devotees stays near madivala .there is large devotee base in bangalore.

    • Hare Krishna! Thank you. :-)

  • Volunteer

    Maybe You visit the Temples in Bangalore Prabhu.

    And meet Devotees.

    You are man so for few days rendering services You may be allowed to stay with brahmacharis also.

    Bangalore is not so costly place.

    2 rooms flat my friend used to rent for 4000 Rs per month. And that was close to Radha Gandharvika Giridhari Temple.

    Your servant, 

    • Volunteer

      For Prasadam maybe You can pay on a monthly base. Again You need to talk.

      For example in Jagannath temple Prasadam is free and anyone who visits the Temple can come and take the food. Many types of subjis, dhals, rice...very nice!

      • which jagannath temple? you mean ISKCON Seshadipuram?

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