Golden Avtaar Proof

Sril Prabhupada has revealed the hidden information confirming Mahaprabhu as the Golden Avtaar of Lord Krishna .Now I don't have any doubt over this and have full faith in it , since its an absolute fact .But the problem is yet I am not eligible to read Srimad Bhagavatam . I have heared this in various lectures and other books by Sril Prabhupada .What bother me are the people from other Sampradayas and Sects who often argue over this fact and say - " No. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was { actually 'is' :) } a great Saint ... How can you consider a human being like Him as Bhagwaan etc etc blaw blaw blaw ...So I request senior devotees to please quote here the exact verses from Srimad Bhaagvatam in English as well as Hindi . Most important is Hindi because here in Rajasthan , India a lot of local people consider English as a very difficult highly reputed , impossible to learn language . So its very difficult and uselesd to discuss with them in english . So provide reference in both .Also it will be very nice if I can get some nice animated or live action videos in hindi english describing Golden Avtaar .

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    my humble obeisances Prabhu, 

    faith comes if we just chant and hear the sound vibration of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

    if we chant and really try to be attentive Holy Name reciprocates. And that time we will understand that Holy Name is not a simple Name. It is from Spiritual world. It is Spiritual. He is Krishna. And that was given by Lord Chaitanya.

    Also if we do Deity worship we will get realizations by the mercy of Deities. 

    Deity worship is one of powerful ways of understanding Krishna as a Person. 

    Your servant, 

  • Hare Krishna Sairajesh Prabhu .

    Sorry But for the present moment I am not eligible to read Chaitanya Charitaamrit and Bhaagvatam . Also people from other sampradaaya wont accept Chaitanya Charitaamrit . I know they are ignorant and don't want to waste time in convincing it .

    But everybody almost accept Srimad Bhaagvatam since written by Lord Ved Vyaas .

    So kindly if you have got or read Srimad Bhaagvatam then plz tell me the excat verses . Plus if possible reference from other Puraans .
  • Prabhu, there has been enough material written on the net by Senior ISKCON devotees. You can put a Search like Proof that Chaitanya Prabhu is God and you will get 100s of authentic references. Also these references appear in Print, if you read the Chaitanya Charitamrita where in the 1st Chapter Krishnadasa Kaviraja quotes 10s of instances from the puranas. Please see whether u can get a copy of Chaitanya Charitamrita in Hindi .

    Spread the Ajapa Mission ..Spread the Gaudiya Teachings

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