• Lord Kuvera is the treasurer of the demigods. And Lakshmi is the perfect wife of Narayan. Both can only provide wealth that is utilized in serving our Supreme Lord Krishna, not material wealth or "money." Money is not Lakshmi, however any wealth that is utilized to serve Krishna instantly becomes Lakshmi, united with Narayan, that is our philosophy. Hare Krishna.

  • Jai Prabhu,

    You are so kindhearted.

    We needn't worry for offense from other discussions.. they will fall-off the board.

    You are so very welcome here.  Your demi-god devotion is commendable and we do not make any fault for it.  What a good child, to be devoted to uprising your consciousness all your life.

    Since you feel a different mood entering into KC, then perhaps study of our Sampradaya will satisfy your tastes.  These biographies are how Iskcon threads together their legacy.

    ISKCON Historical Personalities

    Stay with us. You will find your balance soon.

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    • I teach on Fridays. So now I must go.

      Enjoy your day, Siddharth prabhu. :)

  • Hare Krsna Siddharth prabhu,

    Again, we welcome you to the Iskcon Desire Tree Network.

    May Sri Caitanya bless you with ever-increasing bhakti (devotion) to the Supreme!

    Our discussions on IDT are limited to the practice of Krishna Consciousness.

    Most of our membership do not have information as erudite as you may want to discuss.

    Here on IDT, we limit our subjects to Krsna-bhakti-katha (talk regarding devotion to Krsna and His pastimes).

    So, this is our emphasis.

    To answer your question in the Iskcon manner;   The demigod's are inferior to the Supreme.  We pray to the Supreme for all of our needs; and then the Supreme calls upon His servants; the Demi-gods, to fulfill those desires... if we so deserve, and/or because of the reception of Grace & Mercy from the Supreme, those desires are filled or not.

    That about sums-up the Movement's feeling on the subject of Demi-god worship.

    humbly submitted.  ys, Bh. R, IDT

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