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    Jai Acharyas

    Prabhu ji!

    As far as plants are concerned there are these factors:

    1) One living being's body is food for other. And scriptures prescribe vegetables. So, we are lawfully eating. But remember this will help in mode of goodness and passion, not liberation. you will live a healthy long life but you cannot go Back to Godhead.

    2) Our teeth are designed to eat vegetarian food.

    3) Plants do not resist so we get less sins. Animals cry before slaughtering, try to escape. So, physically and mentally, it is good to never eat meat, eggs, fishes.


    I hope someday I would be able to make it for Lord.

    Remember Hitler, pigeons, rabbits, monkeys(pseudo-sannyasi behaviour) are also vegetarians.

    Vegetarianism without devotion may lead to elevation within this world, not beyond.

    No quarrel

    Go Veggie

    Vegetarians are more peaceful and happy

    No credit to vegans unless they are devotees

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    Ahh but plants also go to the 'grave' in the theoretical sense ;)

  • Volunteer

    1. we don't have canine teeth to begin with. we have herbivore teeth to grind stuff.

    2. Our intestines are like those of a herbivore, long. Carnivores have a short intestine to digest quickly (meat gets all disgusting if it's left out a period of time in a hot area like the intestines).

    3. Give a copy of the Higher Taste. 

    4. As a final rebut, if they disagree with the above arguments, dare them to eat cook up their loved ones and eat them. Hell, since God gave canine teeth to eat flesh, don't even cook them, eat them raw! It's easy to eat someone not close to you, but that's a third party perspective... If you can without remorse eat your loved one, go for it because chances are God doesn't like you (that last bit is harsh, but to be honest, cannibalism is against societal norms, and if one practices this, they  are looked heavily down upon)

  • that is why we are here to help each and other prabhuji. all glories to srila prabhupada.

  • hare krishna siddharth prabhuji.

    this is nothing but a propaganda. this is happening because people just want to enjoy der life. they don't believe in scriptures if we told them about vegetarianism they won't believe nowdays we are seeing that they are so much dull minded or we can say foolish that they are propagating egg as a vegetarian food so do not believe in this kind of things.

    hare krishna 

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