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 Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple at Nemali is picturesque in the Krishna philosophy of worship. Lord Krishna's statue is supposed to have been found during a plough of a farm land in the village. An inscription to this effect is placed on the wall in the temple premises. The deities include Krishna as Venugopal (Venu-Flute in hand, in a standing posture), Alvar saints, Godha devi in alwar style. The temple houses a large complex including Yaga sala, and a beautiful mirror room exhibiting Lord Krishna in pavalimpu seva [Lullaby]. The place, though remotely located, attracts pilgrims from the locale, as well as the entire state.

This place is of historic importance, it has been noted by locals that many artefacts, fire altars and earthen ware used for Yagna / fire worship have been found. Temple houses residential quarters for piligrims, a Chariot for utsava / festivals, a fire altar / Yaga shala and a Goshala [Place to domesticate cows]


 (Teluguనెమలి) is a small village inGampalagudem mandal in Krishna District in Andhra PradeshIndia.Nemali means "peacock" in Telugu


Here are few miracles experienced by few devotees:

  • Couple who do not have children ,get blessed by lord Krsna with the children.
  • People suffering from diseases from a long time offer prayers here and Lord krsna will get them relief
  • It is believed that those who worship krsna here with full devotion get blessed with health and wealth
  • At Times,it so happened that a man ,who was dumb ,got words to speak,as soon as he entered the temple premises

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