Give whatever pious credits to others

Hare krsna everyone,

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!!!!

I hope everyone's sadhana is going really well.

This thought suddenly came to my mind and I have been pondering over it for few days now. I require some additional thoughts and input from you esteemed devotees.

Whatever sadhana we are doing, whether in the correct spirit or not, in the right mood or not, with the right intention or not, it will bear some pious credits.

My question is how can we offer or dedicate (if I can use that word) the pious credits to others? Be it your family, friends or others? I think this will inspire me more towards attentive and self-less sadhana.

I look forward to your responses.

Srila Prabhupada ki jai!!!

Hare krsna

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  • Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances.

    Dear Prabhuji, Interesting question, would like to share few thoughts & my realisations on this topic.

    Gayatri Mataji's answer may sound 'theoretical' but it is all nothing but 'truth'. The lord knows everyone and everything for he is inside every soul as super-soul, so he knows what pain/pleasure every Jiva is going through. Looking at the question, it sounds like an attempt to save someone beloved, from some suffering for we are not able to tolerate watching it. So instead of trying to save beloved ones through our effort (of sadhana and offering the results of sadhana) it is better to surrender to the lord. This is my experience from some of difficult days of life. I personally feel, the lord will attend the prayer immediately than trying to get through the situation through our sadhana's results. Now these 2 may sound same but there is subtle difference. There is difference b/w bakti (devotion/sadhana) and prapatti (surrender). Aatma nivedanam (complete surrender) is the 9th stage of bakti.

    "My question is about pious credits and not akarma activities" - Both are related to each other and not separate. Detachment from outcome/results makes karma as akarma. Our position is from bondage of the material world and by counting on the results, we would only increase the bondage.

    Chapter 3 Text 9: Work done as a sacrifice for Viṣṇu has to be performed; otherwise work causes bondage in this material world. Therefore, O son of Kuntī, perform your prescribed duties for His satisfaction, and in that way you will always remain free from bondage.

    Please forgive if there is anything inappropriate.

    Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanam!

    Bg. 3.9
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Giving pious credits to others is a very noble thought and one should do it. Its like praying for someone. We can pray for anyone and it has effect. The best gift to give to someone is your prayer, chanting mahamantra or one round of mahamantra for someone. There are so many incidents where prayers have worked.

    In fact, it is even said that if some unexpected good happens to you, it could be someone's prayers for you bearing fruit.

    Our own pious karma should be offered to whoever you think fit. It is as simple as mentally praying - please offer the pious karma of this act to so and so.

    I know of  an incident where a 75+ man was on bed due to medical reasons. His wife had been praying continuously. One day, she mentally offered all the pious karma of her prayers to her husband. Next day, he left his body. She told me when I went to meet her afterwards. I realized that her gifting her pious karma to her husband released him from further suffering and he could get released from that body which had become useless for him.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji,

    I appreciate your generous selfless attitude to dedicate pious credits to others ( family, friends or others). It is indeed a good thought. But on  deeper thinking as we are all parts and parcel of the Supreme Lord, Is it not sufficient to dedicate and offer to Sri Krishna everything?

    As Srila Prabhupada says --'' For instance, a part of a machine cooperates with the whole machine; a part of the body cooperates with the whole body. The hands, feet, eyes, legs and so on are all parts of the body, but they are not actually the enjoyers. The stomach is the enjoyer. The legs move, the hands supply food, the teeth chew and all parts of the body are engaged in satisfying the stomach because the stomach is the principal factor that nourishes the body's organization. Therefore everything is given to the stomach. One nourishes the tree by watering its root, and one nourishes the body by feeding the stomach, for if the body is to be kept in a healthy state, then the parts of the body must cooperate to feed the stomach. Similarly, the Supreme Lord is the enjoyer and the creator, and we, as subordinate living beings, are meant to cooperate to satisfy Him. This cooperation will actually help us, just as food taken by the stomach will help all other parts of the body. If the fingers of the hand think that they should take the food themselves instead of giving it to the stomach, then they will be frustrated. The central figure of creation and of enjoyment is the Supreme Lord, and the living entities are cooperators. By cooperation they enjoy. The relation is also like that of the master and the servant. If the master is fully satisfied, then the servant is satisfied."

    It is just sufficient to offer all sadhana to Supreme Lord. I always say this prayer at the end of my sadhana.

    Kaayena Vaacaa Manase[a-I]ndriyairvaa
    Buddhy[i]-Aatmanaa Vaa Prakrteh Svabhaavaat |
    Karomi Yad-Yat-Sakalam Parasmai
    Naaraayannayeti Samarpayaami || (i)

    Meaning:- Whatever I do with the BodySpeechMind or the Sense Organs,
    Either by discrimination of the Intellect, or by the deeper feelings of the Heart, or by the existing Tendencies of theMind,
    I Do them All (i.e. Whatever work is to be done) without Ownership,
    And I Surrender them at the feet of Sri Narayana.

    Well He is there to take care of everyone and everything.. Great Manager He is.. managing and maintaining whole Universe why do we even need to think about others just offer all to Lord. I do offer some chants daily to my guru mentally.

    We don't own anything to donate.. everything is Lord's property... our body,  voice sadhana all belong to HIm.. we are not even the owners to donate to anyone. Offer all to Lord. He will take care of everything.

    I feel so..

    Hare Krishna.

    • Volunteer

      Hare krsna mataji,

      Thank you very much for your response mataji.

      Kaayena Vaacaa Manase[a-I]ndriyairvaa
      Buddhy[i]-Aatmanaa Vaa Prakrteh Svabhaavaat |
      Karomi Yad-Yat-Sakalam Parasmai
      Naaraayannayeti Samarpayaami || (i)

      I say this prayer everyday along with my pranam mantras... In order for my karma (or spiritual activities) to be akarma, it will probably take many many births... Although I would love to carry my activities offering it to Lord Narayana, I dont think I am there yet that Lord Narayana will actually receive it.

      My question is about pious credits and not akarma activities.

      All glories to Srila Prabhupad!!!

      Hare krsna.

      • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

        I think I have already said in the above reply that all pious acitvities and all should be offered to Krishna only, you cannot say u did the karma? do u own it? to donate it to others??? Do you feel you are the doer???

        Offering is our duty.. i dont think he will receive it means?

        You have doubt Lord Narayana will not receive it? Why this doubt????

        Who are these relatives, family that you want to donate and uplift them.. Well, it is said that in many EKADASI Vrat kathas' that when you do ekadashi vrat it uplifts the whole 7 generations.. and sometimes in some kathas it is even told that some saintly persons donated their pious karma to others ( ekadashi vrat faltiam) to make then ascend higher planets.

        It is told in Srimad Bhagwatam , the Gokarna did Bhagwat Saptah in the name of his brother Dundhkaari...for his mukti from the  yoni of..pisacha.

        While it is good to donate some of the pious karma to the fellow brothers .. But you see we are belong to Krishna. IS  it not same if u offer ur karma to Krishna instead.? 

        Sarvam Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu! 

        anyhow you could donate to others. If you think You own this body.. ! If you think you did this Karma!.

        I think We don't own anything to be able to donate.

        During Shardh karma also when you do for you blood related people.. they ascend to higher planets ..

        This is given in scriptures.

        But then do these kith and kin are really yours????? Are you really thinking they are your? Will they follow you life after life? DO you own this body to say this karma which you did belongs to you???

        It takes time ofcourse to understand this all but.. DONT EVER HAVE THIS DOUBT THAT YOU OFFER AND KRISHNA WONT RECEIVE IT.

        “All of them–As they surrender unto Me–I reward accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Prtha [Arjuna].” (Bhagavad-gita 4.11) 



        Hare Krishna

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