• Hare Krishna!

    If faith in something and worship of something makes a person happy and even helps to grow spiritually, then this already has a great meaning. Everyone may or may not believe. But of course, it is important to understand that no teaching in itself is a goal - it is just a raft that delivers a person to the other side, or, as Buddhists say, a finger pointing to the moon, this is just a finger, not the moon itself.

    After all, God is not a doctrine and not a thing - it is a state beyond mental concepts, it is being itself, it is a manifestation in everything, and at the same time, it cannot be found or felt anywhere. A bird in the sky leaves no traces, or a finger that draws on the water does not leave a drawing - this is what true merging with God is.

    I respect your opinion but please also read about the history, philosophy, and concepts of not only Krishnaism but also many other religions, for example on this page, read about Hinduism itself and its philosophy. Or maybe you are gone? But in any case, if you are reading these lines, then the game is still on. See you…

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