Gaurda would offer his food to supreme lord

Hare Krishna.please accept my humble obeisancewe all know that Garuda is the carrier of the supreme lord.and also a best devoteeMy question is about would Garuda offer his food to supreme lord.and his form is eagle the food of eagle is snakes.can any Prabhuji clarify my doubt about this.if I ask anything wrong please forgive me.

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  • Sri Garuda  knows Absolute Truth as others paramahamsas like Shiva, Shuka, Narada, Prahlada, etc.  Such personalities do not perform deity worship, because of their transcendental knowledge and vision of Absolute Truth.

    Personalities like Garuda do not feel hunger or thirst, being established on transcendental level, and everything they do, they do as service instructed by the Lord.

    On the beginning stage of spiritual life, one can execute prescribed duties, and worship the Deity of the Supreme Personality of Godhead until one realizes Lord presence in his own heart and in the hearts of other living entities as well.

    • hare Krishna
      Dean Prabhu
      thank you for clarifying my doubt
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