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    I came to know that in Garbadhan Sanskar, both husband and wife shall chant 50 rounds attentively. Is this also a rule that both shall conceive a progeny on the same day of chanting ? Because after chanting 50 rounds, I really dont think that they would be in a consciouness of having a progeny immediately.


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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    In my tiny life span i observe the lives of family people. Fathers, mothers kids...and see many times children are really burden to parents. And some of them are ready to pay big amount of money for nannies and do not look upon their kids themselves. Some of them just hate their children...

    Especially in so called civilized countries mother has no time for her kids. She works and employs nanny for her even a year old baby. So it is because children are with bad karma and parents conceived in improper time and with lusty mentality.

    Because of that at least Devotees should be careful. Otherwise one single minute pleasure will return as a burden for 25-30 years as a monster kid who will soak "blood" of parents.

    Before having Arjuna as their child Mother Kunti and Pandu observed strict celibacy for full one year and plus they performed devotional service to the Lord Krishna. In this way as a result they begot a very devoted and great personality as their son - Arjuna. Who later glorified all his ancestors.

    Before begetting Vamana Dev as her son Mother Aditi performed Payo Vrata austerity drinking only milk for 12 days and intensely serving to the Devotees and to the Lord. Also Kashyapa Muni performed austerities for many years observing celibacy. So as a result they begot God Himself as their child.

    In order to beget Lord Vishnu as their child Devaki and Vasudev in previous lives performed severe austerities for many years eating only roots and fruits, being in cold and in hot weather...   as a result they begot Lord Vishnu as their son and in next life as Lord Krishna in Dvapara Yuga.

    But Diti became lusty and forced her husband to do sex with her in improper time without observing any austerities and as a result they begot Hiranya kashipu and Hiranyaksha as their children...

    So to observe rules and regulations before begetting a child is very important. The thing in the mode of passion in the beginning seems like honey and in the end as poison but in the mode of goodness in the beginning life poison but in the end nectar. So intelligent person thinks for eternity not for minutes.

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      Garbhadhan Samskar means: firstly girls eats light breakfast with fruits and milk, and starts to chant 50 rounds of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. Prabhu takes nice Prasadam with grains and also chants 50 rounds. Before that day they have to distribute charities or Prasadam to saintly people and get their blessings.

      And for lunch also girl honors light Prasadam with milk and fruits, Prabhu eats nice grainy this way after minimum 50 rounds they unite according to religious rules and regulations and invite a great soul always remembering Krishna as His Holy Name. 

      Detailed information please find in ebooks here on IDT.

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji.
    Dandavat pranam. Before uniting being Krsna conscious is mandatory. And it's not a tough task if since beginning there is KC in couple's life. Chanting 30 rounds is good but there's also a standard process for begetting Krsna Conscious children. I request to all devotees to take part in this valuable discussion for current & next generation as well.
    Jai Prabhupad!

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