FREE 'Damodar Astaka' Download for Karthik Month!

Hare Krsna. Here's where you can download your FREE copy of 'Damodar Astaka' for the Karthik Month 2011. - Ys Shabda hari dasa

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu Shabda Hari Das, thank you for the recent download of the Lord Damodara Astakam, I have been listening to the Lord Damodara and Lord Jagannath Astakam for a while now and I must say that I have become more of a Lord Krishna devotee than ever. Your soul rendering and your music is second to none, we need more singer like you who can help those who are less fortunate in singing these type of composition. The music composition of these songs are very melodious with a western beat and thanks to you and the other musicians, I can sing along as I listen to them, Lord Krishna Blessings always. Hare Krishna from your dear servant. Hari Bol.

  • hare krishna please accept mt humble obeisances to you shadda hari das prabhu.......thanks for this precious "damodar astaka " i was serching for this since couple of days but wanted in this tune only...once again thanks for it prabhu...because in this form of tune one can learn very fastly and off-course recite it very nicely too.... ( just a humble request if you have some more kirtans or bhajans in this same tune please try to post the links as this )hare krishna.
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