four regulative principles instead five

-its very clear that regulative principles came from srimad bhagavatam :

SB 1.17.38

sūta uvāca
abhyarthitas tadā tasmai
 sthānāni kalaye dadau
dyūtaṁ pānaṁ striyaḥ sūnā
 yatrādharmaś catur-vidhaḥ
Sūta Gosvāmī said: Mahārāja Parīkṣit, thus being petitioned by the personality of Kali, gave him permission to reside in places where gambling, drinking, prostitution and animal slaughter were
-but there is fifth regulative principle to :

SB 1.17.39

punaś ca yācamānāya
 jāta-rūpam adāt prabhuḥ
tato ’nṛtaṁ madaṁ kāmaṁ
 rajo vairaṁ ca pañcamam
The personality of Kali asked for something more, and because of his begging, the King gave him permission to live where there is gold because wherever there is gold there is also falsity, intoxication, lust, envy and enmity.
--sanskrit word pamcamam , mean fifth place for kali.
--gold in vedic time was the same what money represents now,
--so ,its clear that devotees should avoid building money ,
   because where is a money ,there is kali to.
--i was always wander why nobody ever mentioned fifth place of kali, 
   as fifth regulative principle for devotees of krishna.

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  • Hare Krsna Prabhu



    Thank you for asking this relevant question. 

    The verse quoted by you are in a context. The context being Maharaj Parikshit seeing a person beating a bull and a cow (they represent religion and earth respectively). The verses in the chapter quoted by you mention that the four legs of the religion were being damaged by Kali. Verse 1.17.24 states: 

    "In the age of Satya [truthfulness] your four legs were established by the FOUR principles of austerity, cleanliness, mercy and truthfulness. But it appears that three of your legs are broken due to rampant irreligion in the form of pride, lust for women, and intoxication."

    This explains why more emphasis is and should be provided on the four regulative principles. The four regulative principles establish the legs of religion.

    Now coming to your gold question. Srila Prabhupad has himself answered it in purport to verse 1.17.42:

    "Gold is certainly a generator of falsity, intoxication, prostitution, enmity and violence, but under the guidance of a proper king or public leader, or a brāhmaṇa or sannyāsī, the same gold can be properly utilized to reestablish the lost legs of the bull, the personality of religion.

    Mahārāja Parīkṣit, therefore, like his grandfather Arjuna, collected all illicit gold kept for the propensities of Kali and employed it in the saṅkīrtana-yajña, as per instruction of the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. As we have suggested before, one’s accumulated wealth may be divided into three parts for distribution, namely fifty percent for the service of the Lord, twenty-five percent for the family members and twenty-five percent for personal necessities. Spending fifty percent for the service of the Lord or for propagation of spiritual knowledge in society by way of thesaṅkīrtana-yajña is the maximum display of human mercy. People of the world are generally in darkness regarding spiritual knowledge, especially in regard to the devotional service of the Lord, and therefore to propagate the systematic transcendental knowledge of devotional service is the greatest mercy that one can show in this world. When everyone is taught to sacrifice fifty percent of his accumulated gold for the Lord’s service, certainly austerity, cleanliness and mercy automatically ensue, and thus the lost three legs of the personality of religion are automatically established. When there is sufficient austerity, cleanliness, mercy and truthfulness, naturally mother earth is completely satisfied, and there is very little chance for Kali to infiltrate the structure of human society."

    I dont think any more or better explanation can be provided. Srila Prabhupad himself has taken pains to make us understand the concept of gold properly. 

    Its a humble attempt to answer your query. Just trying to serve you in my limited capacity.

  • Hare Krsna Dean Prabhu
    If one doesn't have any money then how can one engage in gambling, meat eating, illicit sex and intoxication?
    A single devotee bhagavata can make that rogue kali tremble with fear as we have also not forgotten his encounter with Maharaja Pariksit.
    Now that you are quoting from Srimad Bhagavatam adds tremendous weight to your credibility.
    What is being suggested in this post is not an easy solution and you know that right!
    • Nectar of Devotion
      Qualities of Sri Krsna
      30. Religious
      A person who personally practices the tenets of religion as they are enjoined in the sastras especially Srimad Bhagavatam and who also teaches others the same principles is called religious.
      One must act according to religious principles and by his personal example he should teach others.
      As mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita: Whatever standards an exemplary person sets common people pursue.
      If one remains a candala and one is exemplary then others will also follow your path and become candala's.
      The Brahmins are very dear to Krsna so won't it be nice to rise to the position of a Brahmin by following the principles laid down by the Acaryas?
      If one can't follow the four regulative principles then how can one speak of five?
      or is one more qualified then Srila Prabhupada?
      It's also a Vaisnava etiquette that one should not try to supersede the previous acarya even if one is capable of doing so by virtue of complete surrender or whatever!
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    To me four regulative principles are like four pillars of our bodily shelter which is minimum ( MUST have)

    adding additional pillar will make your shelter more robust.

    Same as chanting 16 rounds is minimum but we can chant more than that no restriction .

    I am just a beginner and I am learning lot from these forums .

    Please forgive me for my mistakes .

    Hari Bol



  • Hare Krishna, 

    Dear Prabhuji,

    Money is essential for devotees and to maintain the bodily needs of food, clothing and shelter. However beyond that splurging of money for one's own sense gratification, accumulating it more than required, not giving surplus money we have in charity to the needy and for spiritual purposes is known as Maya. That same money which is used for Krishna conscious purposes is Laxmi. So their are only 4 regulative principles and not 5 because gold ornaments should be only made to decorate deities of the Supreme Lord and not used for our own purposes is real Laxmi.

    Hari Bol,



  • E-Counselor


    To be fair, his posts had become offensive. Let the administrators do their job, and we will do our job. So is it that your posts are in line with the philosophy this time so that the administrators dont ban you, or you really believe waht you are quoting? Same Srimad Bhagawatam was there one year ago also no.


    You are quite a secretive person - nothing is known about you and you will not reveal even when asked. I wonder.....




  • E-Counselor


    I am not being disrespectful at all. I am only remembering that time, you wil recall the number of posts I was giving about no onion, no garlic and he kept on arguing, and you kept on supporting. I had written a specific post to you to not mislead newcomers. Thats why I found this post very heartening.

    Just remembering the past, not showing down anyone. Nobody is my devotee, therefore they dont need a certificate from me. We are all trying to be the lord's devotee, therefore, the certificate should be and is always from the lord.



  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Thank you for this post. Coming from someone who had major arguments on vegeterianism and was actually supportng a certain Subhas Anjuru prabhu. That poor neophyte actually believed you and eventually left this website thinking none of us understood Srila Prabhupada's teachings better than him.

    Atleast all the other new devotees on the forum are spared. It is heartening to note this post, really.


    Your servant,


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