• Dear Friend, was anything in this world succeded with force? There were great rulers in history, who tried to do something by force, did they succeed in their effort? Was Gautama Buddha forced to relinquish his lavish life? Was Ashoka told abhor violence? All these are self-realisation through our own experiences and thoughts.

    So, nobody can force anybody to do something. Only, like a good teacher who scolds his young pupil when they are found to be distracted from their study to bring them back to the right track, similarly, at the beginning one may be advised to do something forcefully, so that one may begin this new journey of life. It entirely depends on the person concerned to continue or discontinue this process as per his choice. But holding steadfastly and with little self-sacrifice, it does bring peace and immense inner satisfaction which we all crave. But to realise this, one need to prepare oneself. Until that desired level is attained, no realisation dawns and everything seems futile and dark in our untrained and un-attuned mind. So, the rest is with you as per your choice of matured and so called logical rational thinking.

    Hare Krishna.

  • hare krsna,PAMHO,AGTSP


    Instead of forcing a person to become a devotee and chant ,directly ,one can introduce a person first to come to the temple  only for prasadam (getting his stomach full with awesomelly delicious prasadam)and darshan.if a person has prasadam then he will be automatically be allined to come regularly to the temple and by gradually coming to temple he should be introduced to krsna consciousness.


    then he will  automatically accept Krsna Consciousness , become a devotee and chant




  • hare krsna,



    I liked the idea that  kamal nayan gulati prabhuji mentioned that if a person comes in contact with a pure devotee then the love in heart is awakened.


    Also Shravan prabhuji said "Preaching to faithless is a Namaparad and must be avoided at all cost. Forcing someone is disastrous to our devotional service."

    But prabhuji if we dont preach to a faithless person then how will he come to krsna consciousness???

    Please explain the same

  • jai sri radhe...

    prabhuji we must at least try once to force a person to become a devotee..srila prabhupada converted millions of people from non devotees to devotees..but we must make him/her understand properly that the essence of devotion is very necessery in life...

    you must have heard of sri eknath maharaj a great devotee from maharashtra..he forced his neighbour to chant the one thousand holy names of lord vishnu..even though the neighbour was not interested ,he gradually developed a tendency of chanting the holy names..and ultimately at the time of his death he was chanting the holy names of lord vishnu..and thus he went back to godhead...


    srila prabhupada said that everyone is having a dormant seed of krsna's love in his/her heart and as soon as the person comes in contact with a pure devotee ..the love for sri krsna is awakened..


    last but not the least only those will become the devotees of krisna whom krsna will give the oppurtunity and no one else. 

    • Volunteer

      There are 10 Namaparad, or offenses againgst the Holy Names.

      Preaching to faithless is a Namaparad and must be avoided at all cost. Forcing someone is disastrous to our devotional service.

      This type of activity is strictly forbidden in all the 4 Sampradayas.

      Any Acharya from bonafide Vaishnava Sampradaya will not force devotion upon anyone.

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Forcing someone to love is never good.. but, If it's someone that cares and wish good for that person then I understand, obviously in certain instances such as..  Parents who want's good for their children who usually takes this step.


    I lament people who are not Krishna conscious..


    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna,


      You are right Prabhji, forcing is not our way. Our way is to do the say with other way by chanting holy name loudly in form of street chanting (Nagar Kirtan), Rath Yatra and many more way …


      In all these way of preaching, we are indirectly forcing a person to remember lord for their eternal benefit. 


      The holy name of Lord must be chanted with LOVE and DEVOTION, as Lord Krishna says in Gita, priti purvakar, that is Bhakti.


      At last, @Binindia ji, you didn’t give details for “forcing a person” to do so. Sometime I do it with my students or even parents may do the same with their kids, so whether it is “fair or unfair” depend on time, place, person and circumstances.

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