• Thats all very nice instructions. Next life I should be so lucky.born into devotional family! Pray 4 me plz.
  • Teach them scriptures but in playful way with stories, dramas , devotional movies & games ... dont force, lead by example .... Also teach them to respect all religions, show them it's the same knowledge in all religions given differently according to time & circumstances . . .
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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    What I have observed is - children never do what we tell them to do, they always do what they see us doing. So to make your child a devotee, you and your wife become very good devotees, she will automatically follow. 

    Second, please be active in your congregation, take her to local ISKCON temple on festivals and weekends. Let her interact with other kids her age - she will learn what she sees. So you expose her to KC environment, she is sure to pick up.

    There are so many picnics, temple visits, outings that devotees do. Thats why I said be active in your congregation, you can plan such outings with your family and other devotee families. There, make it a point to make them play KC games, then they will enjoy and pick up KC at the same time.

    My take is - child will learn what you teach. If you wait that she is too young at 9 to learn KC, then when she grows up, she is sure to not pick up and blame you for it. 

    That is why I am saying keep her in KC environment, it is sure to rub off her. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krishna

      If the parents are doctors, it does not mean the children will become doctors. The children need to be taught everything. 

      The parents being devotees just sets the best atmosphere, but does not guarantee the devotion will flow into the children. The children need to be taught the Bhagavad-Gita and the now days it has become important to teach them about the differences between religions. Otherwise they will learn from others the false and be deceived.


  • You continue doing your kc. She will automatically follow you. Children usually follow their parents. Another thing is let her enjoy her childhood to the fullest extent. These are the best tensionless days in ones life. Later life becomes  tougher. So don't force her into this right now.


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