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Hare Krishna to all devotees!

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I stay in Bangalore. I am a M.Tech student. Due to some problem, I cannot go stay in VOICE . I am staying in a PG(Hostel). In our food, there is much onion and garlic. I am not able to eat properly. I want to avoid it. So, Can anyone help me? I want some curries which can be easily prepared, without gas and all( like puliogare mix or something).

Please please please Help me...

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  • Hare Krishna
    Thanks to all for the replies.
    I stay near Manyatha Tech Park.
    And I go to Shri Jagannath Mandir, Seshadripuram..every Sunday..
    • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

      This temple is in your area. Many devotees from Manyatha Tech Park come to the temple regularly. Its less than 4 kms only from your place. Here is the google map link!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x3bae171ed08f09cf:0xdb4010b570f0b15c

      Please visit the temple, office and connect with devotees.

      Your servant,


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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Please let me know where do you stay in Bangalore - which area ?

    Please get in touch with HG HarikshetraDas Prabhu on 9886709603 or better visit the temple.

    Please visit Narasimha Giridhari Temple ( particularly on Sunday morning for temple program which includes Lunch Prasadam. Facebook . Temple is located in HBR Layout (Bangalore East) behind Ram Temple; next to KachraKanahalli ground. Lingrajpurm bus stop is about 1 Km from the temple.

    Your servant,


  • Volunteer

    Also You can buy an electric kettle for boiling water.

    For night soak beans and next day boil them in the kettle. After remove water, add some oil, salt and masala.

    So it will replace You dhal.

  • Pamho

    You can eat a very simple and cheap salad (tomatoes, some leafy vegetals, avocado) fruits, milk, potatoes cooked with butter and a Little salt in a metal tray, wheat flour tortillas, chapatis (flour, water and vegetable oil in a metal tray cooked in both sides), soy meat cooked with tomatoe sauce, yogurt, curd. I live in La Paz, Mexico, and for me is very difficult to find vegetarian recipes, there aren´t hare krishna restaurants in town and many products are polluted with animal additives. I survive very well eating simple foods like these. Hare krishna prabhu! Eat well, pray with love.

  • hare krsna pabhu ,you can go for melaga pudi its preparation given in IDT recipe pdf format under chutney secton.if you add curry leaves your haemoglobin level will also be maintained and for taste put tamrind juice and eat with rice which is given in your hostel. lastly pray for prabhupad and lord krsna to help you.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Very good, you are willing to undergo hardships and austerity to keep your sadhana intact.

    You can make sandwiches - apply butter to bread, cut slices of cucumber, tomato, capsisum, add a little salt and black pepper powder, cheese slice and your sandwich is ready. You could eliminate cucumber, the rest is also a good combination.

    Combinations for sandwich - cabbage, paneer, both grated, add cheese spread. Butter on bread, cheese slices and salt and pepper is common to all the sandwich recipes I am mentioning here.

    Simply cheese slice in between two pieces of bread and butter is also possible. If you want, you can add a little green chilli.

    Anywhere in Bangalore, you will get idli, pongal, chutney. But be careful, they say chutney is without onion and garlic, but they grind the chutney in the same container in which they have grinded onion and garlic, so the taste and smell remains. Use your judgement.

    Rely heavily on fruits to carry you through this phase.

    YOu could pay weekly visits to local ISKCON temple, ideally attend the Sunday feast program and eat heartily atleast once a week.

    I dont know whether you can sprout grains, that will be nice. Otherwise, buy sprouts from the supermarket and simply cut tomatoes, chillies, capsicum. Add salt, chat masala and lemon. You may add a little bhujia if you dont mind. A lot of devotees do not have Haldiram products. Thats why I  mentioned.

    Eat lots of salads prabhu. Have a lot of curd also.

    You can keep cornflakes to have with milk.

    Another advice, keep everything under lock and key. In a hostel, you will be lucky to find your stuff once word gets around that you are storing food.

    Best of luck,


    Your servant,


    • Volunteer

      nowadays vegetables are costlier than even fruits :P 

      Prabhuji is saying that he is not having enough money yet to pay for a better place, isn't it?!

      One of cheapest foods of a student are peanuts.

      Chickpeas ...

      Maybe You can buy already sprouted grains and beans and add some garam masala, oil and salt and have that with chapatis.

       Maybe You can find some grihastha Devotees and give them some money so that they cook extra when they cook for themselves and share with You?!

      Too much corns and white rice may increase weight which is not good.

      And Mataji is very correct, eat nicely every Sunday at the Temple and tolerate some austerities other days. Mostly many of us in student years go through such exams.

      Your servant, 

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,
    VOICE is Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education of ISKCON, where college boys stay and practice Krishna Consciousness..
    Mine is not a permanent problem. After I start earning, I can go stay there. Now that I am not able to eat the food here ( full of onion and garlic). So asked for some recipes..
  • Hare Krishna
    Is this a permanent situation? To br honest i didn't understand your situation. What is VOYCE? If its a temporary situation you should not worry too much even Prabhupada ate at the hotel when it was the only choise available.
    Your servant
    Krishna Das
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