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    Hare Krishna, what is the complete rules for Papamochani Ekadasi fast?
    Hare Krishna, please accept my humble obeisances... Can anyone tell me the complete rules for Papamochani Ekadasi fasting? And yesterday, while fasti…
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    I can tell you what happens in ISKCON. Coriander leaves, pudina leaves, curry leaves are allowed on ekadasi. methi leaves and seeds both are not allowed on ekadasi. We have no other normal fast. All other fasts are either half day fasts for appearance and disappearance days or full day fasts (upto moon rise) for Gaur Purnima and Radha Ashtami. The rule of thumb is to have grains after half day fast and non grains after full day fast. However, for Nrisimha Chaturdashi for instance, few ISKCON temples are providing grains prasadam and few are providing non grain prasadam. So we just follow the local ISKCON temple.

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    Sabja seeds I don't know, better to avoid.
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    The main idea of ekadashi is to gain control on ur 5 senses.
    We don't make the food tasty tasty to appeal to our taste buds.
    Mostly take bland foods with less salt and sweet and don't add extra herbs to make it more tasty.
    Avoiding all types of grains on Ekadashi is must and should.
    eating bland foods.
    no use for extra dressings with corriander leaves or pudina.
    you can go thru this listing. Under non allowed leafy vegetables category, it is given to avoid leafy herbs.
    Under non allowed vegetables category Chia seeds are given. Chia seeds are belonging to the same class as sabja seeds. So better to avoid them. Refer below to the link.
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    Ekadasi Foods
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