flower offering to the deities

Hare Krsna,

Please accept my humble obeisances,

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada,

During summer time I could offer my deities daily jasmine flowers with wonderful scents.

But now during winter time the roses or other flowers that I offer to the deities has no scent.

please see attachment.


During winter I buy the flowers from  flower shops and they come from relatively warmer countries.

So I keep the flowers outside fresh before offering to the deitis but they have no scent at all as I said before.

I know that to offer scentless flower is an offense but not to offer any flower must be worse I guess.

What is your opinion or suggestion?

Can I drop rose oil on roses?

Everyday I wash my deities with pure rose water and I also add little bit of rose oil in the rose water.

It has a very, very nice smell. I don't smell directly but the smell comes till my nose and it is the best part of the morning.

Maybe some rose oil on the roses can be a pleasure for the deities?

Rose oil will not disturb the skin of the deities right?

Your aspiring servant,

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    • Thank you Bhaktin Maral,

      Please accept my humble obeisances.

      Not fresh tulasi leaves everytime (because I don't have many) but I started to place dry Tulasi leaves on the flowers that I offered to the deities. (I keep all the tulasi leaves so I have a big box of dry Tulasi leaves). In my situation that seems to me the best solution. Thank you so much for your help. As my gratitude, please accept this photo of Srimati Radharani and Sri Krsna from my altar. I took the photo this morning.

      Your aspiring servant,2543889516?profile=original

      • Volunteer

        Jai Jai!!! Thank You so much dear Mutlu Mataji!

        Your Deities are merciful! They came to this web site in order to give Their darshan or to see all us :)


        Thank You!

        Your servant, 

        • Volunteer

          wish someday i will also have chance to serve  Shri Shri Radha Krishna and ask Them forgiveness for my offensive mind and actions.

          Your servant, 

          • Dear Bhaktin Maral,

            Please accept my humble obeisances.

            One day, four years ago my husband bring them to me from India when we don't really know what really a deity is. So I had no chance but take care of them. First thing to do to take care of them, I learned how to grow Srimati Tulasi devi at home, Tulasi puja etc. It was a long process to reach these days but I am still very neophyte and full of offenses. But my understanding is other than being devotional we should be very determianted and full of courage. We should be brave enough to take care of deities. Because this is what we are aspiring to do with our eternal life, isn't it? To serve the divine couple. So we should start today. Why waiting being afraid of the offenses? We should start from one point and everyday we should make one improvement in our deity worshipping. When we start with sincerity they make you get better everyday. That's why I am asking detailed questions and I will continue to ask. Everyday improving something for ther service. Everyday learning something new for them.

            So, we should start somehow or other to take care of them, with a courage and pray for their mercy to get better in serving. With time everything is getting easier and they help you they really help you in everyday life so that you can take care of them better.
            Your aspiring servant,

    • Thank you, yes that was expectable, because even we can't offer washed or dipped flower to the deities.

      To place Tulasi leaves on them is a very good solution but I raise the Tulasi devi at home and because of the

      climatic conditions I grow them with big care, in the house, with the special lamps etc. So I don't have many leaves. Just 4 leaves a day, one for the feet of Mukunda, one for the hand of Srimati Radharani, the other two are for their water. If I pick so many leaves a day, Srimatis will be without leaves :-).

      Deity worshipping is the best solution to regulate a grihasta house. As long as they are worshipped properly,

      Nama sankirtan (singing to the deities), prasadam eating (cooking for the deities), Tulasi puja (to offer to the deities), chanting, arati, offering obeisances, prayers everything comes along with the deities for their pleasure so automatically your life is corrected by the grace of the deities. So according to my understanding there can't be grihasta life without deity worshipping.

      Your aspiring servant,

      • Volunteer

        yes, to raise Tulasi in other countries is austerity. Because of climate. But the mercy also will be accordingly, isn't it?!

        Even in our country in central Asia we had to take much care of Tulasi tree: special light, special earth, nutrition, plucking leaves, manjaris, giving heat when outside is cold, watering her roots also washing her leaves, protecting from insects...so many things.


        And yes, in grihastha ashram Deity worship is very nice. If Prabhus live brahmachari life before marriage Matajis become brahmacharinis after marriage. Because they will make their home a Temple and become a servant within it by serving to all guests of the Deities, Their kids, taking care of Their house, feeding Them and Their servants...in this way she becomes a brahmacharini.

        and accordingly intelligent husband becomes a guru to his wife and children.

        Also in grihastha ashram it is very nice to invite guests to Deities' house and do sankirtana, distribute Prasadam...in this way children will grow selfless because they see that giving is good, they see that serving to saints is good...in this way these things will built their principles of their life.

        Your servant, 

        • yes, but I am also the one who is studiing the scriptures and who is describing them. My husband is working all day. So I feel big responsibility to make the house Krsna's respected house and everything centered around Krsna. But with this way our life becomes perfect. We don't have any other chance.I had a very good business and office but I gave up everything to be able to live accordingly with the sastras without karmic reactions. Also after all I don't have taste for business life and all sorts of material life so giving up was very easy because you don't want to do nothing else but direct devotional service......Yes, to grow Srimati Tulasi devi is very difficult, to adjust and supply humidity in house for them, the correct temperature, the humidity of the leaves, correct amount of water, good fresh air supply, protecting from insects, adjusting lamp lights together with sun light, keeping them warm, preparing cow dung tea, doing their puja regularly, circumumblating them daily...our tulasi devi is near the altar so with every arti, I have the chance to offer them every article. here is their photo.2545053072?profile=original

      • Hare Krishna mataji

        you have very nice understanding .I am glad.


        your servant

  • Volunteer


    :)))) so nice! So nice!!! Very nice Altar You have Mataji!!!

    And Radha Krishna Deities...!!!!

    • Dear Bhaktin Maral,

      Please accept my humble obeisances.

      Thank your for your help about deity worshipping. I ask here questions that is not explained in the ISKCON deity temple and home worship manuals. I already studied these instructions carefully. But certain things that are not clear should be asked personally to the senior devotees to execute a better service to the deities. and that's why I am asking. So please don't think that I take your precious time for granted. I am very grateful for your auspicious assistance.

      Your aspiring servant,

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