Hare Krsna dear Matajis and Prabhujis,


As you are aware, there were floods in Chennai in the first week of December. Water levels are now receding from almost everywhere and relief work is in full swing in the entire city.

ISKCON Chennai has risen to the ocassion with the help of ISKCON Rajamundry. There are two ISKCON temples in Chennai city area - one in North Chennai - called the Perumbur temple and the other in the outskirts of South Chennai (the main temple). THe Rajamundry team reached Perumbur first (less affected than the main temple) and relief work started from Sunday, 6th December. Atleast 4000 prasadam plates - Food for Life were distributed in knee deep water by knocking on each of the residences in the area.

From Tuesday, 8th December onwards, the Food for Life program extended near the main temple. Apart from Food for Life, other relief material is also being distributed. A medical camp was successfully held yesterday after creating awareness about it for 2 days.

This is the message from the Temple Management:


ISKCON Chennai lends their support to the affected ares:

While the rescue face for Chennai's recent flood is over here comes the most difficult phase - the after math. Battered by rains, Chennai is now looking for relief- Relief from not just the heavy showers and a flooded city, but looking forward to hygienic food, shelter, clothing and medical assistance.  It's now that Chennai needs you the most.

Help the helping hands-Like the rest of the city, ISKCON Chennai is also waking out of the shock and reaching out to the people with nourishment, medical aid and personal needs. ISKCON Chennai volunteers are tirelessly trying to help all the affected places. Over 6000 plates of Prasadam are being distributed every day. Besides distributing in public shelter houses, the volunteers are moving even into streets still knee deep in water and giving the Prasad door to door. A total of 30,000 plates of Prasdam have been distributed so far. We want to expand that to more areas in Chennai adding items like water, bed sheets, mosquito repellents, new clothes, tooth paste, brush etc.

Medical Camp-


Recognizing the importance of medical aid to the flood victims, ISKCON Chennai organised a medical camp at Injambakkam today. It was very well received. We felt immense pleasure in being able to facilitate the event.


A team of thirteen doctors and seven nurses attended to the patients. In a rather short span of 4 hours a total number of 700 patients were attended to. We ensured that the patients be given appropriate medicine as well.  Biscuit packets and water was supplied to the patients. "These floods have caused us great loss, a medical camp organised here at our door step is very timely and needed help", said Selvi who benefited from the camp.Also to make the camp successful and beneficial we ran awareness campaign for two days, two hours each. This was done by making announcements in the affected areas. 


Food and utilities distribution-

We distributed about 200 blankets and 450 Kits* at Bethel Nagar. Each *kit included a Sari or lungi, too paste, toothbrush soap, oil mosquito coil, bedsheet, biscuits,candle, matchbox, herbal coffee powder. Also at Chemenchery over 4000 plates of kitchri with water packets were distributed.


We are very grateful to the team of doctors, nurses and volunteers who tirelessly helped us. We are amazed to see how various volunteers attached to the temple are working for the welfare of others despite the roads having stagnant water. Your kind help has made this into reality. 


If you do wish to further help us in our endeavours or would like to recommend a friend to extend their support please do so.Please click here for details to donate-



Our Food for Life bank account details are as follows:



Acc no; 423010100035200



IFS code; UTIB0000423



Mobile- Sukirti Madhavi DD: 9790710432 /Prassana Gopinath Das: 9840043330


Email: agd.iskcon@gmail.com





Acc no; 423010100026071



IFS code; UTIB0000423



Mobile- Sukirti Madhavi DD: 9790710432 /Prassana Gopinath Das: 9840043330

Email: agd.iskcon@gmail.com


For transfer of funds please use this link to https://www.ketto.org/help-rebuild-iskcon-chennai.


Should you need any other information, please feel to contact us.




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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna,

    THe update on the flood relief activities are:

    11th December,2015, Medical camp:

    We did a medical camp at Naduveerapattu, which was photographed by Indian Airforce where almost everything was inundated as it's close to Chembrabakkam. Water level reached to 18 feet in some areas. Today when we did the survey we found several houses were still under three feet water and people are still staying in open on the roads.

    We came here on the request of Mrs. Helen (a local resident), who actively facilitated. The camp was organised in RCM Sec school. To get the patients to commute to the camp a van was organised. We carried our public address system which was loaded on a vehicle to make announcements in the locality informing people about the camp.

    The doctors were happy with today's camp as they were able to be of service to so many affected people.Dr.Vivek the chief doctor remarked that more than 90% of the patients were very sick. He picked up scabies in majority of children. Preventive and protective measures were explained in detail. We also distributed personal utility kits, rusk and water to all the patients.

    In our previous camp, the doctors diagnosed Acute dysentery in many patients . The doctors said that if they were not given treatment it would have become an epidemic. We were glad that the intervention was done at the right time. Also after the camp we invited the whole team of 25 doctors, nurses and their staff to the temple. They were served lunch prasadam. As a token of appreciation we offered them a copy of Bhagavad Gita and a deity photo frame.

     December 12th -ISKCON's contribution to heal the body and soul

    ISKCON distributed 600 blankets in Bethel Nagar, Injambakkam in a pretty unique way. As we experienced that at various places people would fight and try to mob us, this time we came up with a unique idea. Before the distribution began, we requested people to line up. We started the kirtan of hare krsna maha mantra on the public address system. Flood victims patiently waited for their turn, enjoying the sweet kirtan melody. On receiving they would enthusiastically say "hare Rama hare krsna" and leave with a smile. Also we gave them Anti fungal cream as almost everyone got infected feet due to dirty stagnant water.

    The reality of the situation is that hundreds and hundreds of people have lost all what they had. Not sure to what extent we can help them rehabilitate, yet smallest of the small donation may bring some happiness on their grief struck faces.

    Thank you for your patient reading.


    Radha Rasamayi DD

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