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Dear Sir/Ma`am, 
Hinduism believes in a flat earth. In fact even Buddhism and some other religions. 

Talking about Vedas and Hinduism, it is believed that the scriptures were narrated by god himself and it is not possible that they can be untrue. 

How is it possible to believe in a flat earth in today's time ? Since we know that the earth is not flat, that part of the Vedas seem false. So does that not mean that the entire Vedas is false ? 

Please send some knowledge with regard to this. 

Thank You

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Hari Bolo Prabhus!

I got dragged into this study of the flat earth simply because the person who has written so much promoting it happens to have the same name as myself although I believe I am the only disciple of Srila Prabhupada with the name mayesvara.

When I returned from India last year I flew from Moscow to Los Angeles and for the entire flight, all I could see out the window was snow.   This is NOT what one would expect to see according to the maps the flat earth people promote as an alternative to the round earth model.  For more pragmatic comments on this topic I invite you all to read the article I wrote not to long ago called:  

Plates or Balls? (Commentary about Flat Earth)

Thank you for your patience.

mayesvara dasa ACBSP

Nowhere in Hindu books it is written that Earth is flat. As rightly said by Radha Rasamayi "bhu" means earth & "gol" means sphere. 

Those who are saying or thinking earth is flat are mad. Wasting time of themselves and others. It is pure wastage of time. Total nonsense. Neither  our earth is flat nor any idiot make it flat by any tool. Topic closed forever. Forget it.

Nowhere in the scriptures is it written 'hindu ' or 'hindu books'Total nonsense. Topic closed forever. Forget it.


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