Hare KrIshna all Vaishnava,

Please accept my very humble obeisances,

All glories to Srila prabhupada's great mission of "Davya Varnasramadharma"

Exact one month before I had submitted a article on this subject matter. But that was not correct by grammatically. So all of you have beard up me. I am sorry. Please see again in a fresh mood and give me your mercy.

Your servant,

Bhaktvtsal das Adhikary.First%20Virndavan%20Village%20based%20on%20absoltely%20%20Davya%20Varnasramadharma.docx

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  • hare krishna i want to know about you more

    • Hare Krishna Ghansyam Prabhu,


      I am Bhaktvtsal das(50) has initiated through. H.H. Bhakti Raghav Swami Mahrajin 2007. Maharaj particularly devoted to "Davyavarnasramadharma" mission. I am living in district Jaisalmer, extreme western district of state of Rajasthan, where, I have founded a organization, Indian Society for Cow Protection(ISSCOP) in 2001.

      I have already met in Bhaktivedanta Goshala in Virndavan in year of 2008 or 2009, where you had provided lot of material,had down loaded in my lap top.

      We are just trying to establish a ideal village here, as I have mentioned detail in to you by e mail.

      I think in this project we can serve in a better way to great mission of Srila prabhupada. If you or other devotee/ potential devotee have desired to take participant any way, I will be greatful to you, as you are one of devotee in ISKCON who has something different view for cow protection activities.Please say sonething on my proposal, any further suggestion, remarks or any other bold statements to rectified it more and more.Here I would like to attached a file which may be useful to your to delivered mission of" Make Virndavan Village"This is in Hindi language. You can use in English through proper translation and also it can be publish in your web site.

      Hare Krishna,

      In service of Gomata,

      Your servant,

      Bhaktvtsal das Adhikary.

      Pamphalets material for employement camp for youth seeking a job.docx

      ISSCOP, Austrology form.docx

      ISSCOP training programme.doc

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