Final Message of Lord Krishna !!!!!

Final Message of Lord Krishna

The concluding chapter of the Gita begins by Arjuna most important concepts in Vedanta – Renunciation and resignation. Krishna Says renunciation is giving up desire-driven action while resignation is giving up fruit of action.

Contrary to popular perception neither renunciation nor resignation implies giving up action. Action continues, giving up the two things that come in the way of excellence in action-desire from the past and anxiety for the fruit which belongs to the future.

While executing action, 100% of the mind must be focused on the action. If at the time of action mind meanders into the dead past or un-born future it is not concentrating on the present action. Action becomes faulty, leading to failure.

Gita asks you to remove the unpleasant aspects of life and enjoy the world. Its now upto us to decide which way to go – remain imprisoned in the world or take off into the realm of the spirit.

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The final message of Gita is man mana mad bhakto and sarva dharman parityajya.

    THis sentence "Gita asks you to remove the unpleasant aspects of life and enjoy the world." is factually incorrect. The material world is not for enjoyment - it is designed in such a manner that whatever we do, we can never enjoy. The jivatma has come to the material world because of the propensity to enjoy. When we overcome this propensity and get into the mode of serving the lord, doing everything for the pleasure of the lord, only then we find real happiness.

    Here, the means and the end is the same - devotional service.

    I hope I have been able to explain.


    Your servant,


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