Fear of Sadhana

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Hare Krishna,

Ok I understand sence gratification.. means basically it pulls you in and you forget to do sadhana. Not that sence gratification on its own is bad. I mean no harm in enjoying youself now and again BUT. Its obv an impediment so far as you totally forget to chant (not always on mala) just while driving car or something. 

So my question is what is the FEAR? Which makes me (or YOU!) that oh if i do bit of sadhana i feel be a super duper maha bhakta and if i make some offence like not flushing the toilet after bhakta john has took a ....  Or seems if i do sadhana like OMG i am so great and cool now. I am better then YOU HIM. 

There is a fear its something unsual. ANyway maybe someone can shed some light. I know also whatever you do goes in the bank account of Krishna. And its not lost. I also know doing aparadha to devotees is almost or totally impossible as they never take it to heart. Knowing full well how dumb we really are lol. 

Hare Krishna


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    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    lot of wrong ideas. Don't know where you are getting them from. Are you connected to any temple? Are you part of any congregation preaching?

    Sense gratification is enjoying the senses independent of Krsna. The same sense, when employed in the service of Krsna, is not sense gratification, but devotional service. For eg: eating. When we eat for our pleasure, it is sense gratification. When we eat remnants of food offered to the lord, it is eating prasadam and is a devotional activity.
    Another eg: when we go on tours to various places, it is sense gratification. When we go on tours to visit temples and places of importance in the history of devotion, or when we visit any place for preaching purposes, upon the instructions of our guru, it is devotional service.
    Just to explain to you that it is possible to employ our senses in the service of the lord and enjoy devotional service. When we eat prasadam, we are eating as per our taste only (esp if we have some control over the cooking bit, or menu, or we are ourselves cooking). Just by adding Krsna, the same activity becomes a devotional activity and purifying at the same time. Of course, we will enjoy, because it is the nature of the soul to enjoy. We are not body, we are soul. The nature of the soul is sat, cit, anand - same as nature of the Supreme Lord, because we are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord. There is nothing wrong with enjoying - what is wrong is trying to enjoy independent of the lord. Again I am using the word - trying to enjoy instead of enjoying because it is not possible to enjoy independent of the lord. So many births we are running behind different kinds of food, still we look for more food and more variety. But once our tongue is accustomed to eating prasadam only, then this hankering for different foods at all times stops. Then we get prasadam, enjoy it and are satisfied. Only one who has experienced this can understand what I am saying. SOme things are for experiencing, cannot be explained.
    By doing a little sadhana one doesn't become a bhakta, what to speak of super duper bhakta. This is pre pre neophyte stage - where we think we have understood everything simply by attending one class. There is a difference between bad manners, sin and offence. What is mentioned as 10 offences to the holy name are offences, rest you should know what is sin and what is bad manners. I am not getting into it here.
    When we do any devotion, it doesn't go to the bank account of Krsna!!! It goes into OUR bank account. Krsna is the bank He is the name He is the goal He is the path. He doesn't need us. We need Him. It is His mercy that He descends on this world to tell the fallen forgotten conditioned souls that you don't belong in this anityam asukham lokam, your home is in the spiritual world, come I have come to take you.
    Another thing - it is very much possible to do aparadh to devotees. Even if the devotee did not mind and forgave you before you even realized there is a mistake, it does not take away from you the fact that it was an aparadh. Consequences of committing offences is very grave, esp Offence No 1 & 7. I had heard in a lecture in Mayapur that apart from these 2 offences, other offences can be overcome by effective chanting.
    Prabhu, I suggest you chant 16 rounds of mahamantra everyday.
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
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