Hare krsna . I have seen many devotees enjoying, joking and talking with there family members  just like materialistic people is this right?  As in this joking I forget krsna and many times we start criticizing others I really feel very guilty and bad after I talk and joke with my family I think I have just  this life and shouldn't waste my time in this family discussions 

Please guide me in this confusion

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Please tell me why we are trying to do devotion ? What is the feature of God - He is sat (eternal), cit (full of knowledge) and ananda (full of bliss). We are all part and pacel of God, so we also want ananda - bliss. I know that this bliss is different from material happiness. But for one who is not aware of spiritual bliss, he will go for material happiness only right?

    And where it is written that devotees cannot laugh, enjoy with family or even talk and joke with family? We are very much part of society, are we not? Why shoudl people say or think that Krsna devotees dont mingle with us? We become more responsible in all our dealings when we are trying to be devotees of Krsna.

    Good that you feel guilty about criticising others. Introspect at the end of each day what happened and what you could have handled better. And inch by inch improve. Try not to criticise anyone. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Mata ji i heard in a satsang tgat there is nothing in playing and joking with family and friends.......we shoukd focys on our shadhna and should speak very less......... i am really feeling so depressed i have heard that devotion gives happiness but i don't know why i am getting sadness........ i am trying to do my best in bhakti but i am just feeling so down........ their is no one with whom i can sgare my pain and feelings...... i just feel so crushed hare krsna 


      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        No wonder you are miserable. If you dont play and joke at your age, what else you will be? Please be a normal teenager like any other. The difference is - you haev added Krsna to your life. Thats why you dont eat onion garlic, non veg, no smoking, drinking. Not even tea and coffee. Simply tell your friends it doesnt suit your health. No need to say its because of being Krsna Conscious. They will make fun of you making you more miserable. Do not discuss girls with them or look at girls with them - simply change the conversation or move away from there. If they ask you why, say I dont like all this. Divert the conversation to studies or what field one should take up, which field has good future. Appear to be workaholic, driven by ambition to become somthing. That will be better than looking at girls. 

        You have to learn to cope with the world and still be Krsna Conscious. 

        Be respectful to family and sit and talk to them, joke with them, have fun like how you used to. Do not be guilty. It is not possible for everyone to be 100% Krsna conscious frm day 1. It is a journey.

        We tell everyone, add Krsna to your life. Not add life to Krsna. Whatever you are doing, continue doing. The only difference is - you try to keep Krsna in the centre. Be happy. That is the best gift you can give Krsna. That - whatever circumstances or situation I am in - its Your wish, thats why I trust You and am happy, knowing that You are looking after me.

        Please ask or speak with me if you need. I think exams would be over by now. So I will not feel guilty that I am taking up your study time.


        YOur servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD


        • Thank you mataji for your guidance...... but i really think i need a mentor who can guide me in devotion.... i am waling all alone on thus parents and family don't support me they say you should do it later when you are old........ their are career related issues going in my family  i want to do phd in zoology but my parents want me to do neet they are always forcing me ..... theg never respected my interests they always looked upon them...........i reslly dont want to vontinye thus materialistic life ..... i just want peace and want to go to vrindavan.... i am not at all fit for household ...... i was intrested in bring a monk since my childhood even before coming to devotional service..........i am kind of getting suffocated.....i really need help. Hare Krishna 

          • I am getting more and more frustrated day by day their is no progress nor the lord is like a ship without directions...

            • E-Counselor

              Hare Krsna dear prabhu,

              The path of devotion requires a lot of faith and preseverance. What are you expecting - that lord will come and solve all your problems? Then who is serving whom?  Arent we supposed to serve Their Lordships? Or we should expect to become problem free just because we have taken name some few times. Compare with millions of lifetimes when we have ignored the lord.

              Study the life of devotees - was Arjuna exempt from fighting the war and related anxiety simply because he was direct recipient of Bhagavad Gita? 

              Was young Prahlad maharaj spared of trouble from his father at the tender age of 5, simply because he took to devotion? No. On the contrary, he faced so many problems because of devotion.

              You study any devotee's life - whether it is Dhruv Maharaj, Devaki ma, or Yashoda ma or Radharani n gopis - who did not face hurdles and obstacles. 

              Persevere with faith and smile, knowing that Krsna is looking at you.

              Obstacles on the path of devotion are only to make our faith more resolute.

              Peace has to be found within, not in Vrindavan or Mayapur or any such place. If there is no peace within you, going to any such place will not help. 

              Calm down. Chant happily and sincerely. Krsna will keep showing you the way, simply walk with faith.


              Your servant

              Radha Rasamayi DD

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