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Hare krishna

I am a working women, we are staying in Abudhabi, i have a small child.

I am now in a position of falling down completely from krishna conscious. before i am chanting daily & following ekadasi regularly. But now i am not doing anything. I know i am going in a wrong way but still i can't follow the rules. But one thing i can tell u confidently that i can not forget krishna. I want to chant daily, prepare prasadam for krishna, follow ekadasi.  i don't have any devotee friends in Abudhabi maybe because of that i am going back. I love to chant loudly with goups. But i can not get opportunity like that. Krishna Please help me how i can



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    Hare Krsna mataji, if you can come on this most beautiful website for a little time daily, you will definitely be able to make progress; there are Krishna conscious topics to read, hear the chanting, communicate with other devotees, see deity photos, etc.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji ..

                                    we have an ISKCON congregation running in Abu dhabi also , please contact Praveen Prabhu on 0507916812 for further details .

    • Hare Krishna


      By the grace of krishna I fund devote association in Abudhabi, from 3 months i am in touch with them, we are attending Bhakti vriksha also.


      Hare krishna

      • HK PAMHO..

        Rama prabhu. Pls share the address so that I can also join in there. I'm moving to abudhabi next month from Bangalore.

        Prabhu Shankar

    • Volunteer

      Please, keep in touch with this web site Arun Prabhuji further more.

      Since here are appears not few Devotees from such like places and it would be very helpful if here You are.

      Your servant,

  • Hare Krishna Mata Ji,

    On this day of Radhashthami, I pray that She come to not only your rescue but also all jivas who are stuck in tricky positions .

    Kindly fall back on Bhagavan Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna Chandra's divine assurance vide:


    Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated in his determination.

    Camouflage yourself with Krishna all over. It works. I am speaking out of experience and I can confidently declare that there could be nobody more vile a sinner than me. Try out the following:

     I am not asking you to cover the walls of your stay location with His posters since you stay in a sensitive land.

    As advised by Mata Ji Maral Alim below retire early by 9.00 pm. Chant between 4 - 6 am (which means you need to wake up at 3.00 am) while reading the Gita or Srimad Bhagavatas at the same time. You are chanting, listening, seeing and visualizing Him all at the same time and your thinking, feeling and willingness will be at their peak in the affirmation. It took me one month to stick to these timings and the results are worth only experiencing.

    This intensive focus of all your faculties converged unto His Divine Lotus feet gives quick results under dire and helpless conditions.

    While driving chant without the beads.

    Offer whatever you have to eat mentally to Bhagavan Ji's Divine Lotus feet with a humble prayer "Namo Brahmanaya Devaya Go Brahmanaya Hitaya ca, Sri jagat Hitaya Krishnaya, Sri Govindaya namo Namaha". It is immediately Prasada for your partaking.

    Chant a couple of rounds before retiring and keep a Japa Mala in a bag under your pillow. You will subconsciously be with Him during sleep.

    May you quickly come back on track.

    Om Bhagavan Sankarshanaya Namaha


  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Rama Kantheti Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Such like difficulties appear in each of us life. Difficulties are there in order to strengthen us. You have a child and You have job, very good. But You little bit became weak for practicing Krishna Consciousness. In such like situations we have to do the next things slowly, slowly and Krishna will give strength:

    1. Be serious about what You eat, where You eat. Do not let Yourself and Your child eat food which were cooked by materialistic people. Food is very powerfully influence to our mind and body. Even if it is difficult You have to cook and offer it to Krishna. Or at least buy pure vegetarian food and even thou offer that to Krishna with devotion.

    2. Try to sleep earlier so that You could wake up before Sun rise. When we wake up before the Sun automatically we will get positive energy from all the planets, and keep our consciousness in the mode of goodness.

    3. Before 1-2 hours prior to Your bed time drink a cup of hot, little bit sweetened offered milk.

     4. Try at least to read 2-3 pages of Bhagavad Gita each day.

    5. i am sure that in Abudabhi there  are lots of Devotees, try very hard to find Them, and try to associate with Them.

    6. begin at least with one round per day. We spend hours and hours for our sleep or for hour job why not spend 7-8 minutes to Krishna-our real Friend! Your real Mother, Father, Best Friend, Best Well wisher. Who loves You very much and never leaves You sitting in Your heart!!!

    He gave us eyes to see, ears to hear, ...and everything! Why not to give Him some hours?

    Hope very soon You will become determinate and again start Your service with great joy!!!


    As like when Haridas Thakur was beaten in 22 market places, and Muhammadans told him stop chanting other wise we will cut your body into pieces.

     But Haridas Thakur told that:

    If you cut my body into pieces, do it, then each peace will chant the Holy Names!!!

    Your servant,

    • Hare krishna Maral Alim Matagi,please accept my humble obeisances! And thank you very much for your suggestions. After reading your reply really i feel better, and i will defenetly try to improve myself in Krishna Consciousness.


      Hare krishna

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