• i m tired of thinking and feeling helpless to try to guide you respected prabhu.

    i read somewhere it is easy to love but difficult to trust ...

    trusting someone is excellent activity .........

    i don't have love for anyone then how i can have faith or trust, pls bless me so that first i shall try to become selfless.



  • Thank you Prabhujis and Mataji for giving the clarifications...

    my humble obeisances to you..

    i think whatever outcome we are receiving ,its for our own spiritual advancement...

    i have heard from a lecture that Dhruv maharaj was insulted by his step mother because it was Krishna's will..he succeeded in his sincere  devotional services(though facing many obstacles)whether it is for material benefits in the beginning..later he was completely and sincerely got absorbed in HIM with real faith...

    Your aspiring servant..

    Jai RadheSyamaa..

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    now i do not know what is material and what is not :(

    sometimes i request Krishna to give me those material objects with which i want to improve my Devotional service to Him.

    But He is very strict does everything as He wants. And i do not want to be a businessmen by asking Him the same thing again and again. If He did not give something easily then i try very hard to leave it. It is not mine. 

    But i can observe by not giving things which i want He gives when time comes in such a way that not only my desire is fulfilled but all around me also are satisfied.

    Krishna knows past, present and future. Because of that He knows what is good for us and what is not.

    We just to ask service to His Devotees and to Him and all other things will come by His mercy.


    Your servant, 

    but even though i ask :( FOOL

  • Hare krishna !! my humble pranams to bhagavan and bhagavathas

    Faith in Krishna is different from Faith on other gods. Other Gods are empowered by Krishna to deliver material benefits. Positive material outcomes that comes from devotional service to other gods solve our material problems but makes our bondage strong to material world(as we start liking material world more and more). To have Faith on Krishna needs a different mindset. With Krishna, we should not expect any other benefit other than

    .1>His pure love,

    .2>His constant remembrance as long as we have the breath with us

    .3>His support to cross the samsara, following dharmas and restrained from adharmas

    .4>Go back permanently back into His service in Vaikuntha/Goloka vrindavana dhams

    For all the above the first step is turn our minds from materialism towards Krishnaism.

    So, faith coming from positive outcome is a materialistic thought. Faith without material expectations and only love for Krishna is a spiritualistic thought.

    May Krishna, Acharyas and Bhagavathas bless you Ramya MatAji

    In loving service to Krishna,


    ||sri krishnah sharanam mamah||

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      Hare Krsna Suresh P,

      I wish to give u example of Dhruva Mahraj, who went to Krsna with a material expectation and it was fulfilled and he also got pure devotional service.

      will you please clarify on this aspect?


      • Hare krishna !! my humble pranAms to the bhagavan and bhagavathas

        namaste rakesh prabhuji, Dhruva mahraj was blessed with good karma. He was so fortunate that sage Narada muni himself came to initiate Dhruva on the holy mantra 'om namo bhagavathe vasudevaya' which is also called the Dvathasakshari (11-lettered). This mantra was powerful to attract the four-armed vishnu or the narayana form of the Supreme Krishna in the chanter's heart. The Narayana form of Krishna is not only empowered to provide material benefits but also in turn attract the Jivatma towards devotion. Lord narayana Himself was pleased by the sincere devotion of the little boy that he not only granted the simple wish of being accepted by his father but also ultimately become the north star which shines forever in the sky.

        In this kali yuga we are tormented by the Kali purusha. Therefore, the more we seek material benedictions the more we get ensnared by the mahamaya that pushes us deep into material nescience. Also not all people are blessed with such innocent hearts like Dhruva Maharaj who get blessed with the vision of Lord Narayana while seeking material benefits. So therefore we must be very cautious in this Yuga in which only Krishna can save us by making our attraction and love grow toward Him rather than materialism.

        In loving service to Krishna,


        ||sri krishnah sharanam mamah||

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          Hare Krsna Suresh Pji,

          pleas accept my humble obeisances

          Dhruva Mahraj was not blessed by good Krma, it was causeless mercy of Narada muni that he got mercy of pure devotee. Yes , he was fortunate but that was not his karma. It was cause less mercy of Narada muni.. and Narada muni blessed him and told him how to pray to Lord Visnu and he did that and Lord Visnu was pleased with him..Narayana form of Krsna is Supreme personality of Godhead Himself and hence there is nothing like His being empowered for anything or like that..

          He was pleased with Dhruva Mahraj and though Dhruva mahraj did nt want the material benefit later , still Lord Visnu gave him his wish. His wish was not to get accepted by his father but to get a kingdom greater than his great grandfather and that is what was blessed to him by Lord Visnu, though he did nt want it when he saw Lord Visnu. Dhruva Mahraj did not become the star but he is ruling that planet and that planet is spiritual world itself. All the things that I have said , i have heard in lectures by senior devotees.

          It is true that material desires r not good , even if we go with them to Krsna or Visnu, but it is always better to go to Krsna for some thing rather than going to some one else for that. Also even if we have material desires and go to Krsna with them and we r sincere, Krsna will gradually purify us. If anyone is sincere like Dhruva mahraj while seeking material desires , surely he will be blessed with pure devotion as well.

          Please do not take ne offences for all what I have said. I don't mean to offend in any way. Please forgive me if I offended.


          • hare krishna || pranAms to Bhagavan & Bhagavathas ||shri krishnah sharanam mamah||

            rakesh prabhuji, thanks for correcting my story narration. you've done good by adding more details from the lectures you've heard. Krishna offers help at the right time when needed and also what is really required for a person be it material/spiritual as He is always present inside as paramathma inside every jivatma.

            When we seek a material desires, many a times we don't set limits nor know how much to ask or how much is ok for us. Therefore, we risk getting into maya. Instead it is better to explain our problems to Krishna, tell us what we want and why, and then Krishna will decide how to bless us. But whatever He offers, we must take it whole-heartedly (it may not even be the thing we wished) but trust Him that it will help purify us and lead to His love and causeless mercy. So, we keep the faith in Him and accept whatever outcome He grants.

            In loving service to Krishna,


            ||govindam adipurusham tamaham bhajAmi||

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    i think i am fool for logic words :( please Prabhuji elaborate Your question!

    Your servant, 

    • Thank you prabhujis for the reply...

      All glories to Srila Prabhupada..My humble obeisances to you

       HareKrishna Bhaktin Maral mataji

      my question is whether we need to have positive material outcome or even spiritual outcome to have complete faith in krishna...(or both)...if we need a positive outcome to grow in faith then how can it be selfless...we can experience material outcome...can we experience spiritual outcome?..

      Your servant

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