Hare Krishna everyone!

Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I would say that I'm a fairly new devotee. I've been practicing Krishna Consciousness for about two months already, and I've been given a single strand of tulasi neck beads that was offered and then placed around my neck. I swore to follow the 4 regulative principles, however, there are times when I stumble in one of them. There was a time I stumbled so much that I felt that I didn't deserve the beads and couldn't follow the regulative principles and removed them. But right now, I decided to follow again because I really want to devote myself to Krishna, and I started wearing the beads again because I think it helps me stay consistent and most of all reminds me that I am Krishna's.

I think I'm overthinking things, but please tell me how I reconcile myself with Krishna when I break a regulative principle and if it's ok if I removed neck beads and started wearing them again.

Thank you!

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    This is the effect of bhakthi. Once we get the taste of it, no matter how many times we reject it due to our conditioning, Krsna will keep pulling us back to Him.

    Forgive yourself as Krsna already has. Start your sadhana again prabhu.

  • How do you reconcile?

    Perhaps you should be asking, how do you reconcile with yourself after breaking a principle- because you are causing yourself all this torment and guilt and making things worse for yourself (such as stopping your devotional activities) while in fact Krishna has already forgiven you. Krishna has forgiven you but you have not yet forgiven yourself prabhu.

    Just ask Krishna for forgiveness and you will find that He is very merciful...

    Peace and love my friend
    Hare Krishna
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