Eternal time

I want to understand the meaning of 'eternal life'. I heard that there is no beginning and end to braman, the absolute truth. One day , when i and my friend(who dont have any belief on god)were having a little conversation, he asked me what happened in the first? I said that there is on beginning to us. He refused it and argued that this is stupid and it is just an assumption made by man . I was unable to answer him. Now i need your help. Also i want to know some information about 'time' please help me.

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    You better stop discussing this with your friend,prabhuji. If Krishna shows mercy on him, he will himself know everything.

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    Hare Krishna, prabhuji!!! In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna refers to every individual soul or Jivatman as 'sanatan' or eternal. Spiritually, we are all part and parcels of God, so qualitatively we are  eternal as god, as Srila Prabhupada says,' the parts and parcels of gold are also gold.' As spiritual world is absolute, there is no question of time. Time exists in the material world of relativity. A simple way to prove this is, the material body ages due to the effect of time. But the soul never decays, it  either passes from one body to another or goes back to spiritual planet. The body is 'self' and the soul is 'Self' which is our svarupa(real nature). As long as we are confined to the narrow 'self',as long as we are in the conditioned stage, we will experiencing the effect of time through the repeated cycle of birth and death(kal chakra), but if we realise that we are souls, the 'Self', we will be freed from this foolish drama  of birth and death shown by Maya. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, 'jiver svarup hoi krishnar nitya das(the real nature of the individual soul is that he is the eternal servitor of Lord Krishna). This is the constitutional position. One realises that he is immortal, beyond birth and death, beyond the clutches of time, and is the eternal servant of Lord. But you shouldn't discuss such sublime things with anyone who has no faith in the words of God. This has been specifically warned by Krishna in Bhagavad Gita. Your own spiritual life will be doomed.

    • Hare krishna... I want my friend to know the truth. But he thinks that he is so intelligent and speaks athistically . Whether i should stop advising him or not?
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        as like there is no end for cutting the atom in this way there is no limit for eternity.

        i mean atom can be cut again and again. but our senses are not qualified to see those tiny particles. because of that we are not able to understand the eternity with our temporary mind.

        as like frog in the well could not imagine the bigness of the ocean. 

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  • A small change.. Its not 'on beginning' it is 'no beginning'
    • A small reply.. Life that can stretch to all of eternity is eternal life.

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