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    Along with I would like to quote BG 6.13-14 purports that a brahmachari should strictly follow the vow of celibacy :

    To realize this vishnu-murti within the heart, one has to observe complete abstinence from sex life; therefore one has to leave home and live alone in a secluded place ( in Krishna consciousness living in seclusion means living in Brahmachari Ashram with devotees in temple), remaining seated as mentioned above. One cannot enjoy sex life daily at home or elsewhere and attend a so-called yoga class and thus become a yogi. One has to practice controlling the mind and avoiding all kinds of sense gratification, of which sex life is the chief. In the rules of celibacy written by the great sage Yajnavalkya it is said:

    karmana manasa vaca

    sarvavasthasu sarvada

    sarvatra maithuna-tyago

    brahmacaryam pracakshate

    "The vow of brahmacarya is meant to help one completely abstain from sex indulgence in work, words and mind -- at all times, under all circumstances, and in all places." No one can perform correct yoga practice through sex indulgence. Brahmacarya is taught, therefore, from childhood, when one has no knowledge of sex life. Children at the age of five are sent to the guru-kula, or the place of the spiritual master, and the master trains the young boys in the strict discipline of becoming brahmacaris. Without such practice, no one can make advancement in any yoga, whether it be dhyanajnana or bhakti.

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